May 17, 2015

K2 Decides To Split From Blue

While there're just hours left to the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble Grand Final, relationships are being broken inside Biggie's house as K2 and Blue are splitting shortly after today's final.

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With all the finalists very happy and busy in the kitchen trying to get some food onto their plates, Blue's man K2 was inside the bedroom and really looked unhappy.

It didn't take long for beauty queen Mbali to realise the lad's unusual mood as she was quick to ask him what the matter was, and openly K2 revealed that he was splitting from Blue.

Now this indeed came as a shock to Mbali who then asked K2 the reasons behind his unexpected decision to split from Blue.

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K2 was then quick to explain that something had happened and it made him realise that Blue has other men outside the house and that he was considering breaking things off with Blue a month or so after they’d left the house.

In an attempt to offer her advise to K2, Mbali asked K2 to at least wait till after the finale but not delay the inevitable to the point where Blue wouldn’t be able to mend things with her previous partner.

OMG!! who might have thought that things between the happy K2 and Blue would just end like this?

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