May 04, 2015

K2 And Blue Win Week 7 Head Of House Title

During their dairy session today K2 and Blue were elated as the Head of House couple for this week [week 7]. The pair was very pleased that they won the HoH challenge fair and square. and they feel that they validated their position in the house.

Today’s HoH challenge had two stages; firstly, a preliminary challenge that required housemates with steady hands. All pairs had the opportunity of choosing which partner would compete in this round.

The object of the game was to move a metal ring along a metal hand in 60 seconds or less. Housemates had three chances (or lives) to move the metal ring through to the end. This meant that the metal ring could only touch the metal hand three times -  the fourth time the metal ring made contact meant the game was over.

Housemates struggled to complete the game with the three lives allocated in 60 seconds. They were all unsuccessful. Biggie then awarded pairs another opportunity and gave them two sets of lives, giving them a  total of six lives with which to complete the game.

Ace did a great job, but he ran out of time and another couple had to be chosen. The challenge was not as easy as it looked and Soxx blamed the go pro. They all begged Biggie for one last chance and he reminded them to choose partners with steady hands.

After three rounds Ace and Ntombi completed the first part of the game, followed by Mbali who spent all her six lives and was unsuccessful. The Royals also secured a spot and nearly spent all their lives.  SoTexx was unlucky this time and did not get a spot in the next round.

The Royal Couple as well as Ntombi and Ace won the challenge and advanced to the next round were K2 and Blue finally emerged as the winners.

Congratulations to Blue and K2 for winning this week's Head of House title as more importantly booking their place in the Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble Grand Finale.

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