May 02, 2015

K2 And Blue Are Sinking Into A Dark Hole

At least its evident that all the housemates have some how been affected by the Non sense week, however there is one pair that had been affected more given the fact that they were stripped of their armour of gold, diamonds and power Blue and K2 sunk into a dark hole.

Not only had Blue lost her crowning mane of hair, her make-up was nabbed from under her, leaving her rather too ordinary for her own liking. She even confessed in diary session that she was losing her confidence without her creature comforts.

Next it was K2 who, ironically enough, became the first Head of House in the history of Big Brother, to be made a French maid and turned into the house slave. This was a huge knock to his fragile ego.

Then came yesterday's Double or Nothing challenge. It was the culmination of the week’s ridicule on them. In a game where pairs were quizzed on just how much they had come to know each other, either as couples or as pairs that recently met.

For the Royals, this turned out to be the most scandalous as it exposed how very little the lovers knew of each other. 

Having painted a picture of their partnership as somewhat superior, it was shocking to housemates when they discovered that K2 was clueless about Blue. Even more than that, they appeared a whole lot more superficial than before.

Was this experience going to humble or were The Royals going to brush it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen?

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