September 08, 2015

How Blue And K2's Love Started

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Blue and K2 were the perfect couple with the perfect story. It also didn’t hurt that she was dope dead gorgeous and he wasn’t a bad looker. It seemed written in the stars when The Duchess Blue picked her prince before they crossed the threshold hand-in-hand. Love came shortly after that. Or did it?

The Royal house was not to be crossed. Indeed the power couple fast rose through the ranks and it all started with an infamous pot of scrumptious lamb stew. It was this incident that cemented their brazen risk-taking attitude going forward. K2 soon snatched his queen from Matthias’s grip and put his house in order. From here they were going to do things his way.

The Duchess submitted. She simply couldn’t resist a man who took charge the way K2 did.

He then reeled her in by professing his love for her. He played quite a card as he confessed that he himself didn’t see it coming and he simply couldn’t help nor hide his feelings anymore. It wasn’t long after that when Blue, caught in the rapture, blurted out “I love you Katlego”.

During conversations with others, however, both Blue and K2 practically denied one another. K2 always confided in recently-evicted Tembi that he couldn’t quite trust Blue, “what kind of person breaks up with her boyfriend of a year, for a guy she just met and knows nothing about?” he wondered out loud.

Blue, on the other hand, often told the girls that K2 was not her type. She told them that it was a shame that he was smitten because she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings.

There was also that colossal awkward moment during a Double or Nothing challenge when it came out that the couple didn’t know each other much. During a quiz on how much a partner knew about the other K2 got a staggering two out of ten questions right.

Last night K2 confessed to Ace that he was looking to put a ring on his queen's finger but It was getting increasingly difficult to believe a word that came out of his calculating mouth. As for Blue, was she in denial or delusional? 

Perhaps the R2 million jack pot of gold at the end was worth keeping up the front.

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