May 09, 2015

Housemates Shoot Their Music Video For "Ball out"

Last night housemates seemed so excited to be given a chance to showcase their talents and had a role in an epic music video.

They had so much fun in creating the awesome and fantabulous video and had a ball out. Ace could not help himself in expressing how he felt like a celebrity being called in and out for makeup and shooting his scenes. For K2 it was a great music video and an effective way to garner new fans and he was honoured and super excited to be part of it.

The director of the video kept on telling them to keep their energy and motivated them to stay focused. They had fun and kept a light atmosphere and the director made sure when he said Action, everyone stayed focused on what they were meant to be doing.

If you’re having fun, people will have fun watching you and Tembi did her second scene in the garden wearing her famous blue gown, we wonder what her fans will say about this. Housemate’s party room was a great location for their first scene where they get their groove on every Saturday nights.

If you’ve listened to the song, you will hear a lot of personal experiences in Biggie’s house and bumping da liquor too much in within their verses. It’s the first every music video done by housemates in Big Brother Mzansi history and photographers devoted so much screen time to the stars of the video and housemates where all naturals.

We can’t wait to see the video on the live show.

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