May 03, 2015

Housemates Rock During The Week 6 Night Party

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Last night was an all black night party as the ladies inside the Big Brother Mzansi house got ready for a night out. 

And as soon as the girls got ready, everything was on the floor as they struggled to decide what they figured out what they were going to wear.

Mbali, Tembi, and not forgetting the Duchess spent more time putting on mascara, lip gloss and kept on changing outfits especially Tembi who was about to just wear a bodysuit only but later decided to put on a jacket a skirt borrowed from Blue.

Meanwhile beauty queen Chelsea felt like an outcast when the pretty girls kept to themselves and tried to fit herself in. She and Tembi tried to prove to each other who was hotter and tension was mounting since their fight earlier this evening.

They all toughened up their black ensembles and headed for the party room and DJ Mono T was on the decks tonight and he rocked their boats.

Housemates looked good in black and Ntombi thought Tembi was South Africa’s Jeanette Jackson with her skimpy outfit. Her partner took to the dance floor like a headless chicken and she enjoyed herself more than other housemates with her unique moves.

Kay and Soxx sang all the way to the bar where their beverages were stocked, cool kids Pumba and K2 sat in the corner while other’s rocked the dance floor. Tonight was Ntombi’s night as she rocked until her shoes killed her feet and took them off.

Their outfits had so much personality and everyone was more interested in looking good. Housemates proved that wearing black only makes you tedious if you not imaginative enough about how you wear it.

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