May 15, 2015

Housemates Prepare For Their guests

“Maybe we’re getting guests today...” – K2. The luckiest wild guess ever!

The housemates were over the moon today that they’d be indulging in a masquerade ball later that evening however with Biggie being a man of many suprises, there was one little detail they were clueless to; they’d be having guests at their shindig

In the morning while they gathered in the lounge awaiting news from Biggie, K2 hit the nail on the head when he jokingly said to Blue that they might get guests today so she better clean the fridge. The statement may have been said in jest but it was certainly the luckiest guess ever.

Perhaps tapping into the same sixth sense as K2, the homely Mbali took it upon herself to then get the house in as an immaculate condition as possible. The petite housemate spent the entire day doing everything from the dishes to rearranging furniture all alone. Dynamite really does come in small packages.

Later on her partner Chelsea also lent a helping hand with some sweeping while the other housemates were busy with altering their outfits in preparation for the ball.

Eventually after a few hours and lots of elbow grease the house looked prepped to welcome even the most esteemed of guests and Mbali was sure to give herself a pat on the back when she realised she’d averted a potentially embarrassing situation if the visitors had found the house dirty.

Maybe some of the housemates really do have a sixth sense. It’s not the first time they’ve had a hunch about what Biggie was up to.

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