May 14, 2015

Housemates Officially Campaign For Votes

As the whole of Mzansi is currently voting for who they want to win Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble, today the housemates have officially campaigned for the viewer’s votes and reminded them why they should get the R2 million rand. 

It's evident that some housemates have indeed attracted a lot of fans and they needed to remember that not everyone would like or vote for them and their presentations had to be a tough sell because a lot was at stake.

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Mean while K2 was cocky and very confident that together with his lady love Blue, they are going to win Big Brother Mzansi Season 2 and as result, he told Blue that the campaign presentation was not something they can prepare even before the duo presented.

They didn’t have a lot of time and had three minutes to convince the viewers. The Royals were the first pair to take to the stage. 

K2 started off by saying he did not want anyone’s sympathy and was in the house to play his game and his motto was “you scratch my back and I scratch your back and that’s how I played this game” said K2. Blue claimed that they were the first pair to play the game and no one in the house had played it like them.

Ntombi thanked everyone for fighting for her and had always promised to entertain the viewers and that’s all she’s done and believed she deserved to be in the finals. Thanked housemates for not judging her and made her feel welcomed.

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Came in the house as the son of the concrete jungle and was proud to be a South African. Would love to win the game as it would do a lot for their families and were prepared for anything that might happen on Sunday.

Chelsea was in the house to have fun and showed young adults how they could make their decisions. As a pair they never changed to make anyone happy and fought very hard in each and every challenge. 

Shown they could compete and had done everything possible that could be done in the house. #Mbalsea has played its game and for them to win, it could set their lives forever. Chelsea at a young age, she proved there was so much that she could do and thanked Mbali for pairing up with her.

Some of them already knew what their viewers looked out for in them and where sure about how they could earn their votes. The way they dressed and presented themselves described their vision of what it meant for them to win the R2 million rand.

When presentations where done, Biggie called each housemates by their full names and thanked them for being amazing Big Brother Mzansi contestants. He said they were all winners in the eyes of Big Brother, the viewers, their families, loved ones and their fans. He had a little something for them in the store room.

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  1. They are amazing Biggie I like their presentation worse thanking us as voters thanks Ntombi

  2. Voting Ace Ntombi its not mistake