May 03, 2015

Housemates Had A Week They'll Never Forget

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This morning, as the nominated housemates descended to the Ruutos make-shift salon for some fine tuning ahead of the eviction show tonight, we swore we could hear a collective sigh of relief. This week had done nothing but exact their funny bone. More than that, however, Non Sense Week was a true test of their character.

They often laughed along at the madness because they couldn’t cry. But towards the end, some tears were certainly shed and some damning facts catapulted into the light of day. But it all started at the beginning of time. Time as it was snuck into the house in the form of a digital clock device.

The clock device was really a timer counting the week down from Monday to Friday at 17:00. Biggie kept mum about it as housemates speculated and debated up and down the corridors as to what clock was counting down to. Some, like Pumba, even predicted the timer would bring the game to a grinding halt.

In the end it, it turned out the timer that started Non Sense Week was the thing to end it. Not only that, but reset and delete the whole week. This effectively erased the official events of week. Everyone was sent back to zero.

But for the all the other random ridiculousness, what was done was done. Non Sense Week was driven by social engagement as Biggie handed his powers over to you, the brilliant viewers. All the tasks, challenges and diary session were based on questions and ideas straight from the viewers. And boy, are you all a mischievous bunch!

You were the source of entertainment and kept housemates at the edge of their seats.

Who could forget the ‘Say Yes’ challenge? If it wasn’t Pumba and K2 frolicking about in their sexy nanny frocks, it was Chelsea and Mbali singing their every word like they were in a musical if their own making for two whole days straight.

While it seemed Blue got the short end of the stick when she was dared to tear off her weave and burn it, Soxx and Kay’s were the shortest as the nicotine addicts had to give up their habit, one after the other. Long-time lovers Ace and Ntombi were forced to lead separate lives for the duration of the challenge.

Then there was the Public Undercover Team. Ace, K2 and Mbali were chosen by you to be secret agents and fulfil covert missions fed in directly from the viewers. The trio were the perfect tricksters as they nabbed kitchen utensils, swapped salt for sugar, ransacked the ladies precious make-up kits and raised general hell in the house.

The secret agents also managed to detract attention from themselves by leading an investigation and throwing suspicion of Tembi, Soxx and Blue.

For their wager task presentation on Thursday evening, housemates put on quite a puppet show with Ace and Ntombi’s miming puppet tale stealing the show and winning the viewers’ vote. Viewers were also impressed all round as housemates won their wager.

Friday came with the last bout of difficulties. Starting at the Double or Nothing challenge. We found out just how much or, in the case of The Royals Blue and K2, how little pairs knew of one another. While Tembi knew a whole lot about Soxx, K2 and Blue might as well have been practical strangers, as he knew diddly squat about his supposed “queen”. They, alongside Pumba and Kay, failed dismally at the challenge and, for a bobby prize, were forced to swap partners. Blue wailed and wailed while K2 threatened to leave. Little did they know that it was a prank, courtesy of the viewers.

Everyone was shocked at how the couple knew nothing about each other and whether this was the unravelling of an elaborate lie.  

The only thing that wasn’t fake about Non Sense Week was Mbali and Chelsea’s R30,000 cash prize from last week’s Double or Nothing Sing Off. The conditions that came with the money were somewhat non-sensical as the pair had to forgo sleep, resetting a 55-minite timer every hour on the hour, for 48 hours. They emerged from the two days bushed but the better for it, as they each walked away with a cool R15,000.

On Friday Tembi and Soxx pulled the Head of House title right from underneath The Royals, scoring themselves immunity while the rest were sent down the nomination gallows.

All but the new Head of House pair were up for eviction come tonight’s live show. Whew! What a week. Don’t miss it tonight where at least one pair will be sent packing. 

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