May 02, 2015

Housemates Do Shopping For Week 7

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Thanks to an ongoing winning streak, this morning the housemates once again got to shop till they dropped as they reaped the rewards of winning their 100% wager.

After sleeping for what seemed like an eternity, the housemates finally trudged down to the living room just before lunch time to get their orders in with Biggie. With lots of money to spare and less people to feed, it seemed like there was no longer a need to be frugal and everyone could shop to their hearts content.

The free reign may have actually been more overwhelming than pleasant as the likes of Ace and K2 found themselves running out of ideas on what to buy. The staples, cigarettes, of course topped the list though when it came to most of the housemates’ shopping. There was however one downside.

Although they placed their orders for booze, Soxx informed them that it was up to Biggie’s discretion to supply them with their alcohol requests or not as the rationing was still ongoing. The news slightly dampened the mood but they all placed their booze orders anyway.

When the shopping was done, it was back to bed for some and off to the patio for others. It’s clear that no one embraces the motto, work hard and play even harder, like the residents of Big Brother’s house

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