May 08, 2015

Friday Night Games: Housemates Compete For Biggie's Cash

Tonight was the final Friday Night Games and because of this there was no jeopardy attached to the games. The housemates were dressed in their Shap Shap shirts and awaited Biggies instructions. Biggie explained to them that the games had a large cash prize up for grabs: R50 000.00, which meant R25 000.00 each as well as the usual spa treatment. 

The housemates had to extract juice from barrels filled with fruit and they were to extracxt one litre of juice into a jug by using the archaic method of using their feet. K2 and Blue, as Heads of House were to go first. They took 50 seconds to fill the jug after furiously stamping away in the barrel full of fruit.

Soxx and Tembi managed their jug in 33 seconds.Chelsea and Mbali are next up and they labour there waythrough as hard as they could but they could only manage it in one minute and 34 seconds, much to Ace's delight. Ace and Ntombi were up next and do it in just over a minute which meant that Soxx and Tembi were up against the Royal Blue's.

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