May 13, 2015

Find Out Which Items The Housemates Are Giving To You The Fans

This week in the Big Brother Mzansi house, the trouble makers "housemates" were encouraged to give away personal items, items which were cherished and worn in the house, to Big Brother Fans as a keepsake.

Mean while the fans were also given an opportunity to identify particular items ranging from clothing, jewellery or any other object that had come to characterise their favourite housemates and scream their individuality from first glance. 

Well the fans have already come up with a list of options from each housemates to choose from. Touched that fans watched and rooted for them most of the top six chose all of the options as a gesture of appreciation.

Below are theeThe items were:

Ace: Beach shorts, name belt or gold chain

Ace must have spent his life in his board shorts with his famous gold chain draped across his bare chest. For Ace handing over his items was the least he could do to show his appreciation to Team Ntombace.  

Ntombi: Colourful jacket, name belt or shoes

When it got nippy Ntombi put her trust in a certain corduroy jacket. It was her blankie and she held onto it for the last time before gift-wrapping it and sealing the package with a kiss.

Chelsea: Denim booty shorts, black heels or polka dot gown

These items summed up the feisty fire cracker’s stay in the house. She loved stepping into her heels and showing off her gorgeous gams but was also a gown and slippers kind of gal.

K2: Brown leather jacket, grey sweater or sunglasses

K2’s understated sense of style underpinned his rapper demeanour and must be what won Blue’s heart. Polished but unfussy he was the kind of heartthrob she didn’t see coming.

Blue: Tiara, make-up kit or fur coat

The apparel was what made the woman in the case of Blue. Her impeccable image was incomplete without a little sparkle and a whole lot of dazzle. She was indeed a beauty queen, and gave heartily of her grand garments.

Mbali: White dress, blue gown or pink nightie

Mbali was also a gorgeous gal who tended to the finer things but she cherished her down time. She was homely and only too happy to give of her personal items, although she would have appreciated more time to wash the items for the fans. 

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  1. Good one housemates I like that and mzantsi loved it you the best you never quarrel you just gave people what they want thats why we love ans vote for you