May 15, 2015

Finally The Housemates Dine With Mzansi Stars

Tonight housemates would be taking part in their very last Friday Night Games. But Biggie was, once again, doing things differently and might we add, with a delicious sprinkling of star dust. This evening housemates were treated to a suave masquerade ball and some fine dining alongside local celebs and glitterati.

When the guys suited up and the gals slipped into their elegant evening gowns little did they know that the treat came with a sweet surprise in the centre. They were summoned into the arena which had been transformed into a dazzling candle lit ball under a beaming chandelier centrepiece.

Framed photographs of the housemates hung on the draped wall welcoming them into the intimate space, while mysterious six figures hid behind masks at the table.

Just as the bunch took their seats and made themselves comfortable the celebrities removed their masks, much to the housemates surprise and delight. They were about to rub shoulders with local entertainers well known for their roles in Mzansi Magic’s famous line up.

Ace and K2 were the life of the party as he lifted the mood with his charm and jokes. A star-struck Blue confessed how much a fan of songbird Moneo she was while Ntombi kept them entertained with her infectious bubbly chit-chat. Mbali and Chelsea filled their guests in on the illustrious shenanigans of stay and spilling all the ‘tea’ on the housemates (but of course).

Actor Matli lends Chelsea an ear

Indeed the whole affair was dazzling and both hosts and stars had themselves quite a time as they soaked up one another’s rare company.

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