May 11, 2015

Finally Ace And Ntombi Become HOH

What’s a day in the house without a plot twist from Biggie?
Since it's Monday, housemates awaited the weekly Head of House task brief to arrive in the morning. When the latest one came though it threw a slight curve ball. Even though there was no immunity to be won, there would still be a Head of House pair to maintain order. During the final week, however, all pairs would get the chance to hold the reigns.

This meant K2 and Blue as well as Chelsea and Mbali would get another chance to rule the roost. The decision was particularly important for Ace and Ntombi. Throughout Big Brother Mzansi, the Head of House title had constantly eluded them, and now they could finally get a taste of the power that comes with the crown, even if it was just until Wednesday.

The surprise twist left Ace elated, and he couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear as he finished reading the brief. The other housemates also seemed happy that the pair finally got a chance to run the house, although K2 inconspicuously appeared the least pleased. Perhaps he wanted a fourth turn at the helm with Blue.

With the brief read out, Ace and Ntombi’s duties began immediately and they didn’t waste time getting down to business. Ntombi started with a thorough cleaning that included scrubbing the bathtub and toilets, while Ace offered moral support.

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  1. My favourites Qaba nation AceNtombSkhokho

  2. I like the way Ace Ntombi handles things they down to earth