May 17, 2015

Day 56 Live Feed "BBMzansi 2015 Final Day"

17:25  The house is abuzz with excitement of the housemates being able to go hoime. Biggie adds to the excitement by playing some music to the delight of many.

17:08  They put their packed luggage in the store room, Ntombi inspects the braai.

16:46  Mbalsea are in the diary room. while Ace braais outside. They cannot wait to leave the house.

16:20  The Royals have their diary session. They are both excited to be going home. K2 says: "I think there's great things for us in the future." They feel that they are emotionally ready to face the outside world again.

16:09  Ace and Ntombi have their final diary session and they say they have no regrets and are happy to be going home tonight. They say they tried to make the best of all the opportunities that came their way.

15:51  Blue is cooking. Chelsea and K2 chat about "not being locked up."

15:15  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter which of #Mbalsea, #Ntombace and #Royals will win Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble, and why.

14:51  It's messy in the house as the housemates pack everything, all of them are leaving tonight.

14:06  Slowly but surely the house is springing into life with everybody packing their suitcases.

13:56  Ace packs his bags. Chelsea wonderrs around outside in her dressing gown.

13:36  Mbalsea have taken over Ace's duty of todays master nappers.

13:28  The housemates are waiting for tonight, they are spent.

13:09  Chelsea is fast asleep, Ace is awake, finally, are they playing "relay sleep?"

12:58  Blue has her weave reapplied. K2 tells Ntombi that he cannot wait for the sun to go down.

12:36  Blue sits in front of the mirror, staring at herself. Mbali tells the hairdresser that she cuts a perfect fringe. Ace is still asleep.

12:26  Ntombi has her hair done as she gets pulled and pushed by the hairbrush during her blow wave. Ace continues his marathon sleep.

11:56  Will Ace wake up in time for the finale? Mbali looks like she has droopy eyelids too, clearly they housemates are exhausted. Ntombi uses Chelsea as a pillow. Blue get her hair done. 

11:37  Chelsea loves her do, K2 waits his turn. Blue sits down to her session. Ntombi sits calmly as she is made even more beautiful. Ace sleeps. 

11:28  Don't forget to tune into tonights live finale where we will all find out who will win Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble. 

11:17  Ace is fast asleep, he is probably dreaming of the potential millions he and Ntombi could be sharing. All the housemates sit in quiet contemplation of the reality of what today brings.

10:39  K2 saunters around the kitchen while Mbali and Chelsea and Ntombi while they have themselves pampered.

10:23  Chelsea and Mbali have their hair done. The last day in Biggie's house. 

09:50 Housemates are hardly talking to each other this morning, we not even hearing stories from Mbali.

09:40 After his hair cut, Ace goes back to bed and K2 is next.

09:15 Housemates are getting their hair done, Blue, Mbali and Chelsea talk about the kind of hair styles they want to have.

09:00 Pressure is on, housemates wake up early and just sit in bed. What is going through their minds?

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