May 16, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 54

21:00  The housemates give the celebritries a tour of the house. Finally they have to leave and an elated household reflects on what just happened. 

20:42  The celebrities are entranced by the housemates. Mbali has alot of lovely things to say about Ace.

20:30  Biggie announces that the guests have thirty minutes remaining in the house.

20:21  Mbali chats about her plans for after the house. She says she wants to persue presenting and acting. Chelsea talks about the viewers questions to her and she discusses Tiffini "and then she got evicted... sad story, but that's life." She discusses her relationship with Pumba.

20:08  Mbali talks about her and Chelsea's win and the difficulty they had with having to hold onto their money. 

20:03  Blue looks regal and relaxed, Chelsea, Ntombi and Mbali all drip star charisma as they allhold theirown with the celebrities. Ace and K2 have a natural ease with everyone they talk to. 

19:50  Mbal iknows everyone, Ace has a good laugh. The housemates get grilled about what they gave away to their fans. 

19:42  Blue is overwhelmed as she knows some of the celebrities. The string quartet sets the ambience of the luxurious affair. The conversation flows and everyone puts on their airs and graces.

19:30 The housemates are overwhelmed by the oppulence of the affair. 

19:00  The final six are looking super smart in their suits and dresses. It's almost time to mingle with the celebrities. 

18:42 They are feverishly getting themselves ready for masquerade ball. 

18:20  The girlslounge in theirbath while Ace irons pants for himself and K2.

18:00  Ace sits outside with K2 and K2 reflects about Sunday.  

17:34  Blue and Mbali have a good gigle together.

17:23  Blue gets her ironing skills a go as Ntombi puts the finishing touches to Ace's pants. 

17:01  Chelsea has a rant about her Blue. Mbali is explosive in her silence. 

16:36  K2 tries on his mask for teh ball tonight and chases Blue around for a kiss.

16:20  Has the house ever been so clean? Could it be that the housemates are using up as much nervous energy as they can. 

16:00  Chelsea busies herself with cleaning while Ntombi still darns Ace's pants for him. 

15:41  Mbali and Chelsea talk about the Oreo's advert and the girl who acts in it. 

15:27  K2 now says that the pants need to be pressed. He asks Ntombi's advice. 

15:00  Biggie has some things in store for the housemates tonight. 

14:39  Silence and heavy breathing of sleeping housemates is the current soundtrack of the house. 

14:19  Ntombi darns Ace's pants, K2 is still busy, ever the perfectionist. 

14:00  K2 works at his pants for tonights masquerade ball with Ace inspecting his pants, Ntombi checks out her shoes

13:26  Ace contemplates how far he and Ntombi have made it, deserved, of course. K2 is still mending and sewing. 

13:01  Ntombi is fast asleep, snuggled under the blankets while her beloved cooks up a storm. Chelsea also sleeps while Mbali washes. 

12:40  K2 whistles and sings as he darns his garment. Mbali washes up as Ace cooks in silence. 

12:21  A stitch in time saves nine. Darn it, K2

11:50 Chelsea and Blue squabble over who's dresses and shoes belong to who?

11:30 Chelsea and Mbali return from the diary room and annouce that the housemates will be having a masquerade ball tonight.

11:11 The housemates are all gathered in the lounge and K2 suspects another twist may be on the cards.

11:02 The Royals have laid down some blankets and are cuddling in the garden.

10:47 Finally some life in the house as Biggie gets all the sleeping housemates to go sit ourside and close the front door.

10:30 The sleeping continues as the exhausted housemates try recharge their batteries after last night. 

09:40 It's chilled vibes all round as Ace lounges on the patio and the rest continue to sleep in.

09:15 The early risers, Ace and K2 share a smoke outside while Blue goes through her morning beauty regiment in the bathroom.

09:00 After a night of campaigning and yoga this morning, the housemates have all gone straight back to bed.

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