May 14, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 53

00:00  Biggie switches off the music and Ntombi says she still wants to have some fun.

23:45  Housemates are balling out to their tunes and they having fun in the chill room.

23:20  Chelsea wants to know more details about Mbali's boyfriend but explains that her boyfriend is small and light in complexion.

22:55  Blue is giving Ace a back massage on the closet floor. Ntombi tells housemates she never got a yhoga massage.

22:30  Chelsea and Mbali are taking a bath. Ntombi is taking a shower with the Royals and they talking about Blue's sisters call.

22:00  Shower hour time, Mbali and Chelsea are having a chat before they take a bath.

21:45  Housemates have been spending alot of time in the chill room every night this week and tonight is no different and they are playing together and having drinks.

21:30  They talk about their families and how they miss them.

21:15  Housemates thank Ace for cooking a delicious meal which they all enjoyed.

21:00  After an evening of campaigning for votes, housemates are dining together.

20:45  K2 and Blue had an intense diary session where they spoke about their past and the challenges they had to face growing up.

19:45  After their powerful campaigns, Biggie thanks them for being amazing housemates and leaves something in the store room for them.

19:20  Housemates are campaigning for the viewers votes.

19:15  Blue just spoke with her sister on the phone and tells housemates what she said and who they liked in the house.

19:07  Phone rings again and it's answered by K2 and the person on the other side wants to speak to Blue and it's Blue's sister.

19:05  Phone rings and it's answered by Blue but there's no one talking so she hangs up.

19:00  It's almost time for housemates to tell viewers why they should vote for them to win the R2 million rand.

18:50  Ntombi irons her mans shirt asd they all get their swag on. 

18:40  The housemates are hard at work getting ready for their presentations tonight, they have to tell you, the viewer why you should vote for them. 

18:12  K2 gets his special call from his mother. K2's mom delivers an amazing and heartfelt message to a beaming K2. "I am calling out your destiny for you my son." She has a message of support for Blue too. 

17:39  #BBTBT has been in full swing, while the housemates have been reminiscing about their amazing messages they received from their adoring fans. 

17:16  Ace and Ntombi have their diary session. They talk about their auditions for Big Brother Mzansi, they said that they had fun with the whole process. 

16:26  Ntombi gets her phone call from her sister. She is extremely excited and her sister says they are all proud of her and that she must keep being herself. 

15:45  We asked tou for your favourite moments and as always, you responded. 

15:10  Remember to send in your messages of your favourite moments of the Top 6. #BBTBT #BB2TV.

14:59  Mbalsea have their diary session. They talk about their phonecalls. 

14:25  Join the conversation and tell us your favourite moment from the Top 6. Use #BBTBT #BB2TV

14:37  The housemates are relaxed and lying around chatting. 

13:58  K2 reads out the task for the housemates to present to the viewers as to why they must vote for them. 

13:46  Ace runs when the phone rings again, it is for Mbali, it is her best friend. Her friend says that she must stop talking about everyones business. "For the first 

time, Mbali is lost for words."

13:42  The red phone rings and Ace runs to answer but there is silence on the other side. 

13:00 The housemates wonder who is next on the red telephone.

12:43  Chelsea receives a call from her mother. She breaks down in tears. "When are you coming to the house" "You never know, as  Big Brother says, hmmmmm."

12:00  Ace blows bubbles in the kitchen while Ntombi washes dishes.

11:27  Ace grooms Ntombi. So much love.

10:31  Ntombi keeps ace entertained. The Royals conserve their energy.

10:20  Ntombi and Ace chat away while Mbali is lost in slumberland.

10:01 A sleepy Ntombi joins her boo Ace outside.

09:38 Ace is carving up a pineapple that has certianly seen better days.

09:22 K2 joins Blue in the dressing room where they hold each other tight, kiss and whisper "I love you" into each others ears.

09:15 K2 seems to have a lot on his mind. He is sitting quietly in the garden, staring into space.

09:00 Summer bodies are made in winter right? The housemates had an intense workout this morning with with a rather animated instructor. He must have worked them to 

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