May 14, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 52

00:00  Everyone is sleeping except for Blue and Ntombi who are having drinks in the kitchen and Blue tells Ntombi how other girls in the house never gave her a chance to show them who she really is.

23:30  Ace tells housemates what they just had were starters and they will have kebabs and chips when his done.

23:24  No dishing up for housemates tonight, they eat from one dish. K2 tells them he cant take food anymore and he needs to detox. The only thing he can take is alcohol but asks Ntombi to keep some meat for him on the side and he will have it for breakfast.

23:11  On their first night out of the house, Mbali says she wants to speak to Chelsea and make her understand the person that she is.

23:00  Housemates move and chill outside, they talk about what will happen when they leave the house.

22:30  Blue talks about how she likes giving away her clothes. Sometimes she would get inboxes from people asking how they could be in the modelling industry.

22:15  Ntombi and Chelsea are taking a bath together while, Mbali, Ace and Blue are having drinks in the kitchen.

22:00  Shower hour time and housemates are not moving because of the alcohol infront of them.

21:30  Ace is making dinner for housemates second time in a row.

21:00  They talk about when Soxx's sleep walking and peed in the garden. Chelsea says Soxx does not remember anything when he sleep walks.

20:40  Store room is open and they receive alcohol from Biggie. They all excited and sit in the kitchen counter.

20:30  Hoh is asked by Biggie to take the messages back to the store room and their gifts.

20:00  Housemates are relaxing on the couch waiting for what is to come next from Biggie.

19:45  Housemates are wrapping their gifts and Blue writes a message for her fan on her gift

19:30  Ntombi and Ace sit together and try to choose which messages they will go with.

19:15  Housemates cannot choose which messages are the best as they are all touchy.

18:50  Housemates are to gather in the living room to read their three favourite messages, the housemates must choose their favourite message and the lucky fan will get a souvenir from their favourite housemate.

18:30  K2 and Mbali chat about soapies,

18:02  Now it's Ace's turn to pull Ntombi off the bed.

17:49  Ntombi pulls Ace off their bed.

17:23  Mbali chats to K2 about the interview on CliffCentral. K2 says he heard "KloofCentral."

17:00  K2 returns the favour...

16:36  Blue gives K2 a massage.

16:26  Ntombi sings Dolly Parton to Chelsea.

15:58  It's time for Ace and Ntombi's diary session. Ntombi says she had fun with the live interview on CliffCentral. Ace says that he always approaches things with "no fear." Ace discusses the origins of his nickname, "Ace of Hearts" being the full name.

15:43  The housemates discuss their interviews on CliffCentral.

15:30 "I want to push my career. I want to continue acting and would love to do radio presenting," Mbali tells Arye on "The first thing I'd buy if I win the R1 Million is a home for my new up and coming family," Ace tells Arye. Blue starts her conversation with her now famous 'royal wave'. She says her twin sister would be proud of her making it to the finale. "The fact that I bled, I cried would make her proud," Blue said of her twin sister.

15:15 Chelsea tells Arye that she's a big family person so she'd like to take her family on a nice vacation.

15:10 The Top 6 are live on with Arye Kellman. K2 goes first, followed by Ntombi.

14:53  Chelsea tries to think of the name of a guy that she likes. 

14:30  The Royals have their diary session with Biggie. Blue says it has been a slow day today because she drank a fair amount yesterday. Blue says she is happy that the fans chose what they wanted as she is very sentimental about her items. Blue feels that they didn't make any mistakes that could have had them evicted. Blue felt that when he got a strike and that it is time to grow up. He says that Blue is loyal and will stick by him. 

14:15  Mbalsea are in the diary room and talk about how much of a pleasure it is to give to their fans their items. 

14:00  Remember to tune in on DStv channels 197 and 198 at 15:00 for the live interview on CliffCentral

13:55  In a week where the word "farewell" is going to feature heavily, the final six first must say farewell to some of their prized posessions. 

13:34  It is with a wrench that the housemates prepare to say goodbye to their favourite items. 

13:04  K2 reads out the items that they are to give away to their fans.

13:00  Blue cleans while K2 paces around. Ntombi, Ace and Chelsea play foosball

12:07  Ace and Ntombi play foosball. 

11:51  Tune into DStv Africa Magic channel 197 and 198 at 15:00 today for a live interview of the final six on CliffCentral.  

11:39  Ace sings "Wake me up when September ends." 

11:14  Chelsea is fast asleep, she missed the chance to get down with the dancing divas. 

11:07  The dancing over, Blue does her make-up

10:50  Blue seems to have a new lease on life, we wonder why. She gets down with Ace and Ntombi to the Kwaito beats.

10:30  If there is a party to be had, Ace and Ntombi will be there at the frontline leading the festivities. 

10:20 Ace, Ntombi and Blue get down and dancing to some old school Kwaito

10:00 Ace and Ntombi spend some quality time together getting ready for the day ahead. 

09:45 Mbali lays a blanket on the lawn and enjoys her breakfast under the warm rays of the sun. 

09:20 K2's pack of cigarettes have gone missing.

09:00 Housemates recover from some excerise to get their minds right and bodies tight.

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