May 12, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 50

23:45  K2 tells Ace that Blue was never part of his plans and he will never apologise to anyone for falling for someone.

23:17  While playing a game of pool, Ntombi tells Blue she is ghetto.

22:45  Housemates all refreshed are having a nice chill session in the chill room.

22:15  Ntombi and Chelsea are taking a bath together.

22:00  Shower hour time.

21:45  Housemates are having fun playing a game and they playing doubles.

21:15  Mbali, Ace and Ntombi talk about jobs she has done.

21:00  Housemates toast to good times and for making the finals.

20:50  Alone in the closet, K2 brushes Blue's her and Biggie announces that the store room is open and they find alcohol.

20:45  Mbali talks about her love for durban and how people from there are nice.

20:15  Housemates talk about former housemates and some express how they disliked Tembi.

20:00  Housemates are enjoying dinner together and compliments to Chef Chelsea.

19:45  Dinner is served by Chelsea and they all go downstairs.

19:15  Ntombi tells Chelsea she is tired of keeping her company in the kitchen and wants to join others in the chill room.

19:00  Housemates are in the chill room playing games.

18:32  The atmosphere is very relaxed and the conversation flows. 

18:19  Chelsea talks about going to Gateway, the biggest shopping centre in South Africa.  

18:04  The housemates have a song and a dance in the kitchen. 

17:30  Chelsea and Mbali have their diary session and they say that regardless of not winning, they will leave the house with the knowlege of having made it to the finals. 

16:54  Ntombace are in the diary room and they both feel that everyone who is in the finale deserves to be there. 

16:43  Twitter is alive with whom they want to win. Even former BBA Hotshots contestants are weighing in.

16:26  The Royals are having their diary session. Blue says it is a great feeling to be in the final three. 

16:11  "What ifs" is discussed, "Would they still be here if they hadn't stole the pots?"

15:42  Earthquakes and natural disasters is now the topic of conversation and Ace reckons that it is "weird that most natural disatsers hit the poor areas."

15:29  The housemates sift through their shopping.

15:00 With the housemates struggling to get the chronological order correct, the rain comes pouring down. Biggie tells them that they have been successful and he opens the storeroom to an excited household. 

14:30  the housemates are in the garden and they have a bridge in which they have to take planks with certain events that happened in the house and place them in cronological order.

14:15  Blue and Mbalsea are fast asleep. They will wake up to a spotless house. 

14:00  The house looks destined to be its cleanest ever with all the scrubbing and mopping going on., 

13:47  K2's obsession with cleaning the house continues, admonishing Ace for "missing a spot... the whole house."

13:14  Ntombi cleans up the mess in the house, she sings at the top of her voice. 

13:06  K2 turns on the charm to Blue, she laps it up. Earlier he was being dismissive of her, now he butters her up. 

12:49  K2 lies on Blue's lap checking their microphones. 

12:25  K2 to Blue "Come drink your Red Square and calm down" he also implores Biggie to give them something to do.  

11:42  A talkative Blue (we wonder why) opens up and regails stories aplenty. 

11:05 K2 is fast asleep. Ntombi battles to speak through her laughter. 

10:45 The topic of beauty pageants comes up and that Miss South Africa is more anbout prestige than the money. 

10:30  Mbali talks about acting and modelling, she says that it is not easy but it is fun. Blue talks about a shoot she did for a magazine and how hectic the director was. 

10:18 Ace, Blue and Mbali discuss how recording a song or modelling isn't as easy as people may think.

10:00 Mbali digs into a steak for breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day right?

09:38 Treatment only fit for a duchess. K2 is brushing Blue's hair for her.

09:18 Ace shows off his dance moves for the others who're getting ready in the dressing room.

09:00 Happy Monday to the finalists! The housemates seem to share our excitement as for once none of them sleep in.

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