May 11, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 49

18:30  The housemates are getting ready for the live eviction show. 

17:24  Soxx and Tembi have their final nomination session. They discuss the music video and how excited they were being involved in such an amazing production. Soxx is elated as is Tembi. 

17:07  Mbalsea have their nominations diary session . They discuss Tembi being more feisty this week and that Soxx was acting weird to Tembi. They discuss how confident they feel. 

17:03  Mbali and Blue discuss guys. 

16:43  The house is still very relaxed, if Mbali, Chelsea, Soxx and Tembi are nervous, you couldn't tell. 

16:30  Blue says she cannot wait to go home. K2 says he does not want to go home empty handed. 

15:38  As the house livens up with the housemates all surfacing, there is song and laughter aplenty in the house. 

15:18  Ace is washing the dishes, could this be the first time? K2 thanks Ace for washing the dishes. Is there a hint of sarcasm there? 

14:58  K2 has a little moment with Tembi in the bathroom.

14:10  Ntombi and Ace cook in the kitchen "Oh Acey, don't judgey, because you are not perfect"

13:32  Biggie plays smooth hip hop beats in the house to add to the general relaxed atmosphere, and when we say relaxed, we mean sleeping. 

13:10  Ace wonders around as does Ntombi while the rest of the housemates conserve their energy. 

12:45  Tune into the last live eviction show tonight at 20:00 on DStv Mzansi Magic channel 161 to see which pair will fall at the final hurdle and go home empty handed. 

12:35  The teams not up for eviction are very relaxed, almost smug. 

11:53  Ace, Ntombi and Chelsea talk about weddings. Ace discusses lobola.

11:27  Ntombi joins Ace and talks about a dream she had.

11:08  Ace watches on, he knows he isn't going home tonight, he and his plucky Ntombi have made it through to the end.

10:54  The Royals sleep in, safe and secure in the knowlege that they are safe through to the finals.

10:38  Everyone else is asleep, Tembi and Soxx better get up to get pampered, it could be them going tonight.

10:00  Good morning. It's live eviction Sunday, and yes, you guessed it, time to get their hair done.

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