May 10, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 48

20:34 Ntombi is having a hair crisis after washing her weave the wrong way. Luckily Mbali is there to help.

20:20 It's back to cleaning for K2 as the girls start dolling themselves up in the dressing room.

20:03 Mbali gets her party prep on nice and early.

19:40 Just as K2 wakes up from his nap, everyone else goes back to bed.

19:03 All the lovebirds are laying in bed together while Mbali sweeps the dressing room.

18:40 There's more hair care as Ntombi works on Tembi's braids as Ace and Soxx look on.

18:10 The girls bond as Mbali curls Blue's hair.

17:39 Nithing tastes yummier than left over pizza and that's exactly what the housemates are digging into with smiles on their faces.

17:18 K2 is exhausted after cleaning the house solo.

16:46 Mbali spills the tea on the history between Ex and K2. 

16:25 Chelsea and Mbali chat about how much their lives may have changed on the outside. They make plans to meet up afterwards. 

16:00 One by one the rest of the housemates wake up to join Blue and K2 in the cleaning up. 

15:35 K2 tries to wake the rest up

15:18 K2 is exhausted after cleaning the house solo.

15:15 Housemates snooze the day away. 

14:55  Blue deals with the mess in the kitchen.

14:23 The Royals wake up and face the mountain of cleaning needed. 

14:10 K2 rises from a long slumber. Any more takers? 

13:35 Looks like housemates ended things off with a pillow fight.

13:15 It's been a day of rest. 

12:50 A look behind the scenes. 

12:15 The rest are still asleep as Soxx gets his manicure. 

11:50 Soxx can't wait to see the music video they shot last night. 

11:35 Soxx and Tembi move from a full body massage to some TLC for their feet. 

11:05 Soxx chats up the masseuses. Must be nice

10:30 Mr rapper man Soxx is first to wake up as he and Tembi get themselves out of bed. 

10:10 Housemates struggle to peel themselves out of bed. 

09:41 Biggies wakes housemates up and summons them to the garden.

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