May 09, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 47

00:00  Housemates ball out with their music video creation as they shoot their last scene in the party room. Once done they are adviced by the director to go and change for their next scene.

23:35  Smoke break time, while the makeup artists pamper the Royal Blue upstairs before her scene.

23:15  Tonight housemates feel like celebrities as they are called in and out for makeup and their scenes. They still keeping their energy going.

10:35  Crew take 5 and wait for Chelsea to get done with her makeup.

10:15  Housemates standby for their next scene and Soxx is on set to perform his part. Chelsea is called in for makeup.

10:00  The shoot has started and housemates are having fun on set, Chelsea is sitting with an extra. Everyone is told to be more hyper and they must remember sex sells. K2 Needs to be free and cool, the director tells him.

21:45  K2 on set and they run through his scene, while the ladies are doing their makeup upstairs.

21:15  Doors are open and housemates are excited to see the production team that will shoot their music video.

21:06  Some housemates are having a blast in the closet practising their moves for the shoot.

20:30  Soxx, Ace and Ntombi are sitting around the table listening to their tune, making sure they get the lyrics right.

20:15  Housemates get ready for their music video shoot and Chelsea is sleeping and Ace had to wake her up.

20:03  Congratulations to Soxx and Tembi as they have found the keys to unlock themselves from the cage. They have won R50 000.

20:00  Final pairs still at it, game called "Behind Bars of Soap". They moistening and rubbing the soap on each other to find keys that will unlock the cage.

19:50  Biggie announces the second round instructions and the finalists stand by for the final round challenge.

19:45  K2 squash the fruit and fill their 1lt in 50 seconds followed by Tembi and Soxx with 33 seconds. Mbali, Chelsea, Ace and Ntombi do not make it in the next round as they have the longest time.

19:35  Biggie announces to housemates that they will be playing for a cash prize tonight and the winning pair will walk away with a whopping R50 000. The Royas are the first pair to start the game.

19:27  Biggie summons housemates to the arena for their Friday Night Games.

19:15  Alone in the kitchen, K2 and Tembi reconnect and talk about their good old days and the reasons why they've been keeping away from each other.

19:03  K2 and Tembi talk about how Chelsea wanted to make Gino jealous and Tembi tells him she has noticed something about K2 and he wants to know what that is?

18:50  Chelsea and Mbali are in bed trying to relax for tonight's music video shoot. 

18:38  Soxx and Ntombi bop their heads to the smooth tunes Tembi writes a mean rhyme. 

18:02  Ace dances to the hip hop playing in the house for Ntombi.

17:48  Chelsea yawns while Mbali keeps cleaning. 

16:57  The house is going to be spic and span for the music video as the housemates all use elbow greese to make the house all fressh, neat and tidy. Biggie pipes music in to make the housemates enjoy their hard slog. 

16:12  The house is being cleaned in preperation for the music video. 

15:45  Chelsea tries to unblock Tembi's ear, using a spoon...

15:21 Team work makes the dream work. The housemates are all helping each other clean the house on K2's orders and it's starting to look immaculate.

14:54  K2 says that it is time to clean the house, he gets up to do just that, before the Friday night games. 

14:41  Tembi talks about making decisions in life and how you should not regret decisions you make. 

14:16  Tembi says she is awkwardly shy. 

13:55  At least Blue and Tembi can laugh about the "kiss," Chelsea has also joined in.

13:40  Ntombi rests her head on Ace's chest, their earlier tiff all but forgotten. 

13:29  Tembi and Blue discuss Blue's kiss with Soxx last night which she says was more for upsetting K2. 

13:24  Chelsea "I am up now but my body is just tired." Everyone is exhausted in the house, could they be reserving their energy for the final push?

13:14  Ntombi and Tembi have a chat while Ace laughs his head off. 

12:51  Ntombi tells Ace that she doesn't like his attitude towards her and he says that she turns everything into a fight. The ever fighting Ntombace... who said love was easy?

12:40  Ntombi sings "Easy like Sunday morning."

12:25  There's just over a week left in the house, you can still sign up for VIP access to all the exit interviews, shower hour, artist interviews and behind the scenes footage for only R100.00 

11:50 Ace and Ntombi are the only ones up as they bask lazily in the sun.

11:30 Not even the picnic basket could cheer up the mood in the house or at least get the housemates to stay up! The sleeping continues.

11:11 A little sun bathing never hurt nobody

10:54 The treat definately put a smile on their faces but it's back to sleeping for most of them while Mbali tells another story.

10:30 The picnic basket seems to have brought much needed joy to the house after the housemates felt down about losing their wager.

10:10 The housemates don't even wait to be told what the picnic is for and dig inro rhe basket of treats.

10:04 Biggie has placed a picnic basket full of goodies outside in the garden. Ace is trying to convince the others that he organised the picnic for the housemates and Chelsea almost believes him.

09:39 It seems the morning workout wasn't enough for Ace. He's now doing some exercises of his own on the patio. 

09:29 While everyone else sleeps, Ace is busy tidying up the outside area.

09:00 Rise and shine! Most of the Fantastic Four are fast asleep after their workout session.

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