May 07, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 46

20:44 Housemates have a good time brainstorming ideas for their music video.

20:22 Soxx's laces lyrcis onto the song and the producers seem to be warming up to it, butu Mbali migth have a gripe with the lyrics. 

20:00 It's time for housemates to get cracking on their music video task.

18:45 Housemate lose their wager. 

19:25 Ace and Ntombi go back in time to the launch night, but this time around they get a conversation with pesenter Lungsta himself

18:52  Housemates are getting themselves ready for their presentation. Soxx borrows one of Chelsea's Shap Shap's for his presentation. 

18:34  Tembi and K2 throw things at each other, playfully. 

18:13  Ace sings while Soxx makes toast. The harmonize their voices perfectly. Tembi and Ntombi are chatting girly stuff in bed. 

17:48  No more robots, it's back to normal speak.  

17:38  Soxx gets amorous with Termbi who is lounging about in bed, he comes and plants a kiss on her "My sweety-pie."

17:20  Soxx and Tembi have a chat in bed while Ace, K2, Blue and Ntombi practise their choreography. 

17:08  Robot talk is the soundtrack of the house with them all trying their best pop and lock robotic movements. 

16:56  Ntombi dances the robot dance - "Challenge yourself, robot"

16:39  K2 and Blue have an argument in robot voices. They discuss her drinking, she says that she does not want to talk about it

16:12  Soxx finallyhas his costume. 

16:04  The housemates are working hard to make sure that they win the wager as they recognised that some of the housemates had not done anything with their costumes. 

15:39  K2 reads out the task presentation for tonight. The housemates agree to keep themselves in robot character for another hour. Tonight's talk is about travelling back in thye house. 

15:24  An excited Ace and Ntombi discuss the song and the task with Biggie in their diary session. 

15:15  Dance robots dance.

15:10  Blue and K2 have their Royal Robotic diary session. They both say that they are enjoying the task. They feel positive about the task but are also distracted by the music video task. 

15:00  Soxx and Tembi are in  their Robotic diary session. Soxx discusses his dreams and says that he tries not to talk about them. 

14:37  Biggie calls Mbalsea into the diary room and speaks to them in a robotic voice. They are enjoying the task. 

14:35  Your robot is smoking

13:36  K2 and Ace get into Robot character. 

13:02  Housemates are still building their costumes. An Ace in the hole.

11:40  The housemates are hard at work with their task, talking robot language to each other,  

11:26  Biggie tells the housemates that the storeroom is open where they find material for their next theme,: Robots.

11:00  Mbali may be busy in the kitchen but her partner is busy recharging her batteries. 

10:48  Blue, Ntombi, Mbali and Ace are all pirates ibn the kitchen. 

10:35  Ntombi chops up food while Mbali cleans up the living room, brushing everything. 

10:23  Guess where Blue is? Yes, in front of the mirror makuing sure her hair is just right. 

10:00  Ntombi, Mbali and Ace complain about music that does not play outside. Ntombi hears Kuli Chana's track and goes back inside and leaves Ace outside alone.

09:42  While doing her makeup, Mbali talk about people who take chances. She asks Ntombi what Soweto means and explains it to her.

09:30  In the garden Ntombi apologises to Tembi for calling her Makoti since she makes food for herself and Soxx. Tembi says she does not feel bad about doing what she has been doing and she is not obliged to make food for anyone.

09:15  Tembi is making breakfast and we not sure if she's making for herself and Soxx or for everyone in the house.

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