May 06, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 45

13:04 Soxx sings a “Punk” song. Well, his version of one.

12:41 The housemates are dressed up in their Punk garb.

12:18 Biggie announces that the storeroom is now open and the housemates can go get their “Punk” get -ups. Chelsea is especially excited.

12:13 Housemates gather in the living room, K2 reads out the task, he ex0plains that the time zones go down from six hours to three hours. The next theme is “Punk.”

11:46 Mbali picks up the red phone. Chelsea is now camping beside the phone, willing it to ring.

1:38 The midnight “Caveman” brief and this morning’s “Western” brief has clearly worn these hosemates out, especially since the “Caveman” brief went on until 4am this morning. It’s hard work being in Biggie’s domain.

11:20 Biggie tells a Head of House to the diary room. The housemates are still all fast asleep, there is some movement but everyone seems exhausted.

10:56 Have you signed up for the VIP section on the Big Brother Mzansi website? It’s only R100.00 and you will have access to all the behind the scenes footage and artists interviews, not to mention the ever popular shower hour.

10:30 The house is still deep in slumber, time for reflection and quiet contemplation as they can all see the end line (behind closed eyes).

10:10 This week housemates are lost in time. Could they also be losing themselves to sleep?

09:50 Wakey wakey!

09:21 Ntombi brushes her hair and gets ready for the day ahead.

09:05 Howdy ya’ll! Housemates, or shall we call them the red indians, struggle to rise and shine this morning.

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