May 06, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 44

21:30  Ace and Soxx use the time machine and go to year 2015.

20:50  Blue, Mbali and Tembi help each other clean the kitchen. Biggie opens the store room and they get some wine and shap shap.

20:25  Dinner is ready and they wake everyone that is asleep.

20:15  Mbali's dishes up with Blue's help. Ntombi is seating outside singing some old tunes like a real hippy.

19:45 Blue and Mbali are having fun in the kitchen, Ace comes in and watches Mbali cooking.

19:30  Mbali making supper for everyone regardless of what she said earlier when she said she will not make food for anyone because some people made food for themselves and their partners.

19:15  Ntombi does her research and finds out how the hippies acted and spoke and Chelsea is there to give her some tips.

19:00  Dressed in their Hippy outfits, Ace and Ntombi are fooling around trying to figure out which year was the hippy year.

18:15  Housemates turn from zombies to hippies and they are excited.

18:00  Housemates have a meeting about what happened between Soxx and Chelsea. K2 conducted the meeting and asked everyone to be civil with each other. Soxx got up and gave Chelsea a zombie hug.

17:45  Soxx grabbs juice from Chelsea's mouth and she cuts her lip. They start shouting at each other and Soxx claims the juice is his. Chelsea tells Blue, Soxx doesn't know how to treat a woman and he is always like that with her. 

17:30 The zombies are preparring supper. Thankfully, it's not a fellow housemate they'll be having for dinner!

16:59 All that acting like a zombie seems to have worn Ntombi out as she naps on the sofa but she may have forgotten Biggie's rule about zombies, they don't sleep!

16:26 The time machine is almost done

16:12 Soxx says he and Ace relate a lot because they have very similar backgrounds.

15:50 It's Soxx and Tembi's turn to chat to Biggie in the Diary Session. The pair is also in a good mood like their fellow housemates.

15:22 Chelsea and Mbali head to the Diary Room for their session. The girls are in high spirits as they briefly stay in character for Biggie.

15:10 The time machine is coming together nicely but will it be enough for Biggie?

14:40 It's Ace and Ntombi up next in the Diary Room and they seem to be having so much fun, they don't want to get out of zombie mode.

14:25 Blue and K2 head to the diary room for their diary session.

14:12 It's back to business for the zombie's as they get back to work on the time machine that's due before midnight tonight.

13:44 So far it seems the housemates are all about being the best zombies they can be. Mbali even topped it off wil a little drool.

13:21 Without wasting any time, the housemates slip into character and dress up like Zombies. Ntombi seems to be loving the challenge as she's walking lifelessly around the house. You'd be convinced she climbed straight out of her grave and into the house.

12:55 K2 reads out the latest instructions from Big Brother. The housemates will at time have to enter Zombie-mode where they walk, sleep and eat like zombies until Biggie tells them to stop.

12:30 The houusemates get cracking with their Time Machine.

12:06 Ntombi is back to her singing ways and gives her own special rendition of "Glamorous" by Fergie.

12:00 Biggie has placed the tools and material for building the time machine outside.

11:43 It's a quick and easy lunch today for everyone; boerewors rolls.

11:30 The theme for this week's wager is 'Lost in Time'. The first order of the day is for the housemates to build a time machine that must be completed before midnight, tonight.

11:25 We're going all in! The housemates wager 100% once again.

11:10 Today's lunch is being whipped up by new besties, Ace and Chelsea while Ntombi entertains them with some conversation.

10:49 The workout might have finally caught up with some of the housemates as most of them except Ace, Ntombi, K2 and Chelsea, sleep through the morning.

10:25 It's Dance 101 with Ace. He's showing Chelsea how to gum-boot dance in the kitchen while Ntombi helps K2 tidy up.

10:14 The housemates are having 'nice life' problems. Ace can't find the borewors in the fridge because it's too full and there's no space for the new tubs of Ice cream that just arrived.

09:59 Ace and Chelsea trade tales about their travels around South Africa.

09:36 Mbali must be feeling extra feisty today as she rocks a black outfit and dark lipstick to match.

09:20 Head of House, K2 is getting some chores done as he sweeps the kitchen floor and sorts some dishes.

09:08 Soxx teases Tembi about her fashion sense and the bell bottoms she wears.

09:00 Rise and shine housemates! There was no sleeping in this morning. The trainer made sure everyone joined her for an intense workout.

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