May 05, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 43

20:44 Tembi sets a scrumptious supper of burgers and wine.

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20:09 Soxx and K2 talk Hip Hop. 

19:40 Chelsea confesses that she misses Pumba's presence in the house. 

19:23 During thier diary session Ntombi reveals that she had an unsettling dream that she and Ace were saying goodbye to Pumba and Kay. 

18:55  K2 and Blue are elated as HoH in the diary room. They are pleased that they won the HoH challenge fair and square. and they feel that they validated their position in the house. 

18:39  Soxx and Tembi have their diary room session. They discuss the weekend and K2 and Blue's HoH win. They discuss getting to the final. Soxx feels that all the talk is "Jibber jabber." Soxx feels that he lost the HoH challenge and feels bad.  

18:32  Time for the fridge to be cleaned out to make way for the shopping. Chelsea and Mbali busy themselves doing just that. 

18:08 K2 and Blue are in the finals. There is a lot of food on the kitchen counter. 

17:43  K2 and Blue call time. Biggie tells them that one team was over four minutes out and the other team was six seconds out. K2 and Blue are now Head of House and are through to the finale. 

17:39  Ace and Ntombi's team call time while K2 and Blue's team keep going. 

17:30  Mbali lies on her back concentrating on keeping count. K2 and Blue's team are closest so far with Ace and Ntombi's team speeding up. 

17:19  "Hmmm, Is K2 smiling and blushing for Big Brother or for Blue, hmmmm" "How goes it Mbali? Does it help to count better while sitting down, hmmm." Biggie sings a "Kwaito remix"  

17:13  They are halfway through the challenge and every second counts. 

17:00  Biggie beatboxes for Ntombi, "Housemates, hmmm, tick tock tick tock." "K2 and Blue, sitting in a tree..."

14:47  Biggie announces that the store room is open and filled with alcohol. He also counts out, saying random numbers at will to distract them. 

16:37  Biggie calls the housemates to the arena for the final round in the Head of House challenge. A stopwatch will run continuously run unseen by the housemates. When th eteam captain notices that the hour is up and call "time" the housemates count and move the clock. Biggie tells a story to distract them. 

16:30  Mbali is still talking, she has a captive audience. 

15:53  "Orange is the new black" is now the subject of discussion. 

15:38  Mbali has yet another story to tell.

14:58  The housemates wait for their final challenge, K2 and Blue are to be up against Ace and Ntombi for a trip through to the finale as the final Head of House pair.  

14:32  Ace FINALLY gets to the end of the hand to his and Ntombi's delight. Mbali is not so lucky to their obvious annoyance. K2 is successful finally and he jumps up and down  while Blue grins. Soxx fails at the final hurdle. It is between Ace and Ntombi and the Roayl Blues. 

14:26  Ace tries again and goes as far as he can. Chelsea takes up the challenge next and goes slowly but also fails at the first finger. Blue is next up and also fails. Tembi is up last and also fails. Biggie gives them one more round and two sets of three lives each. 

14:20  Ace goes again, and almost completes the challenge but runs out of time. Chelsea tries again and fails in this difficult challenge. K2 takes up the challenge next and fails. this means that they go to a third and final chance. 

14:13  Ace depletes his three lives and chooses K2 and Blue, She nominates Mbali and Chelsea, Mbali being the designated steady hand, she is allowed to stand on a bench to do the challenge as she is short. She gets quite far but touches the hand for the third time. Tembi chooses to go and also fails which makes it a stale mate and Biggie starts th egame again. 

14:08  Housemates are in the arena and they have three lives each to complete the hand by not touching the metal more than three times. Ace is first up. 

14:00  Tembi is called intpo the diary room and told to read the Head of House brief to the housemates as well as to give the GoPro cameras to some of the housemates. The winners will not be able to save and replace. Tembi reads out the task and she says that they have to have a steady hand. 

13:31  Tembi discusses rapping with Ntombi as Ntombi said that when she grows up she wants to be a rapper. 

13:14  Soxx and Tembi discuss past wager challenges.  

13:04  Biggie plays some music in the house to the delight of Ntombi. 

12:54  All is quiet in the house. The Royals are fast asleep as are Mbalsea. Ace and Ntombi seem to be the only ones still awake. 

12:30   Ace and Ntombi seem to be over their earlier spat and have a relaxed chat in the garden lying on the grass. 

12:18  Mbali and Chelsea are sleepy and Chelsea talks about how the cameras zoomed in on her when she was in bed with Pumba.  

12:04  Ace enjoys a cigarette as Chelsea checks out her new hairdo. Ntombi says that Chelsea and Mbali are "Vampires" because they stay up so late. Mbali says that Ace keeps Ntombi up all night. 

11:45  The ladies enjoy their breakfast in bed and Ntombi cleans up the kitchen.

11:39  Ntombi and Ace are having a blast in the kitchen and they are about to dish up.

11:13  Ace cooks up a scrumptious breakfast and it's his first time cooking for everyone in the morning.

10:52  Tembi and Soxx are called into the diary room, while they go in, Ace and Ntombi have a little spat. Soxx and Tembi choose Chelsea and Mbali. Tembi feels that the girls "are really strong." Soxx feels that Chelsea is lazy and childish. 

10:45  Chelsea and Mbali are next up. Mbali tels Chelsea that she did not sleep well because of people making a noise. They choose Tembi and Soxx. Chelsea says that she didn't see any leadership in them as HoH and also that they are her second biggest competition. Mbali says that they did not run the house very well and that Tambi lacks respect. 

10:38  K2 and Blue are next up for their nomination session. They nominate Soxx and Tembi, Blue says that Tembi is "deceiving." K2 said that his reason was based on what happened on Saturday with an incident between Chelsea and Tembi, misusing her power as HoH.  

10:31  Ntombi and Ace are called to the diary room. Biggie makes them wait for their nomination session. They choose Chelsea and Mbali. Ntombi says that Chelsea is sneaky and Ace says that Mbali is a "lot of competition." 

10:15  Ace sharpens the butchers knife as he busies himself in the kitchen. 

10:00  Like a real gentleman, Ace is making breakfast for himself and his boo.

09:45  Ntombi asks Ace to stay away from Chelsea because she is bad news. She says she is scared of her and you never know what she is thinking and she has stopped entertaining her.

09:30  Monday morning is a good day for Ntombi to do her laundry.

09:15  It's a beautiful and sunny day, boys and girls get ready for what's to come and they are ready to fly.

09:00  Housemates started their day with enthusiasm and launched themselves with their morning exercise routine to get their blood flowing.

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