May 04, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 42

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18:30  The preperations are underway in the house for the evictions show. Tune in at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic channel 161 to see who is evicted from the house.

18:20 Ace is really loving his food! There's barely enough time for him to breath inbetween bites!

18:15 The singing bug has bit the rest of the girls as they break into a wild rendition of "Dilemma" by Nelly and Kelly Rowland.

17:50 Ntombi is going all out with the singing this afternoon. She's now belting out some RnB classics for the other girls in the changing room.

17:35 Tembi is busy with supper for everyone but it seems like her pot of pap isn't coming out the way she'd like.

17:26 Although she's been all smiles in the house, Kay admits that she's scared to go home.

17:22 Pumba thinks Blue's reaction to the fake swop wasn't appropriate and rather rude.

17:21 Kay says sorry to Pumba for the telephone prank where she pretended that the phone had rung and they'd been saved when she answered it.

17:18 Lastly it's Kay and Pumba. The pair is all smiles as they enter the diary room laughing.

17:10 The girls give their final thoughts on their time in the house incase they're evicted. Chelsea thanks Biggie for giving her this experience and her fans who spend money voting for her. Mbali is equally as greatful and thanks everyone who's played a part in the show, from the fans to the production team.

17:04  Chelsea and Mbali are next up. Mbali says she is nervous. Chelsea feels that the events of the last week is bitter-sweet but she is proud of how far they have come in the game.

16:54  K2 and Blue have their nominations diary session. Both are feeling down as the events of the past week have taken their toll on both of them.

16:41  Ace and Ntombi have their nominations diary session say they are "expecting the worst and hoping for the best." They both surmise as to what Biggie looks like.

16:27  Back to the drawing board witrh the pap. Tembi prepares some potatoes.

16:14  Ace has his best poker face on.

15:53  The pap being made is a disaster

15:19  Pumba and Soxx while away the time with a game of cards. 

15:03  Soxx braais while the girls figure out what to wear for tonights show. 

14:46  K2 is snoring, Mbali also gets some shut-eye as does Pumba. The stress of possible eviction exhausting the housemates. 

14:32  Ntombi and Kay are each as loud as each other 

14:14  Pumba gets a bit of shut-eye, as does Soxx 

13:47  Ace cleans the braai and sings a song to himself. 

12:58  Ntombi entertains Ace. Blue adds help in the kitchen with the cooking. 

12:32  Pumba and Kay are busy in the kitchen, Ntombi throws back an energy drink. 

12:11  Tune into Mzansi Magic channel 161 tonight at 20:00 to watch Bucie and Donald live on stage in the live eviction show.

11:51  Cigarettes is the topic of conversation as Chelsea and co try to work out howe many there should be left.

11:36  Kay thanks the hairdresser for her hair. 

11:22  Chelsea gets an undercut. Blue and Chelsea discuss make-up and making sure they take it off at night.

10:56  The housemates take their nomination pamper session seriously 

10:45  Kay continues to entertain the hairdressers. 

10:37  Ace stares himself down in the mirror as he gets his hair shaved. 

10:27 Kay keeps the hairdressers entertained with her banter. 

10:05 Chelsea gets a hair cut

09:45 More from the nominated pack descend to the hairdressers. The only moment to look forward to when they're up for eviction. 

09:27 Blue finally gets her moment on the hairdressers chair. 

09:07 It's a lazy Sunday morning as housemates indulge in some late morning slumber.

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