May 03, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 41

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20:08 Tembi and Chelsea fight over washing a pot and Chelsea tells her she's not her mom and cannot tell her what to do, she says, Tembi is suppose to be a mom so she must act like one. Mbali intervened and tells them both they are wrong and tells them she will wash the pot if Chelsea doesn't.

20:00  Ntombi tells housmates that they need to wash and wipe their dishes. Ace leaves one slice of cucumber in his plate and says he will finish it later.

19:53 Everyone is enjoying the meal and they complement the master chef. Pumba asks for more.

19:45  Mbali with Blue's help, they dish up for housemates. K2 asks if he can have leftovers?

19:37  K2 is chilling with the girls in the kitchen and they all watching Mbali cook.

19:20  Soxx helps out in the kitchen and helps Mbali with salad making.

19:15  Soxx, Ace and Ntombi are having fun outside playing the card game. Ace tells Ntombi that her Zulu is bad.

19:00  The devil's phone rings, Blue runs to pick it up but when she comes back, K2 tells her that's not how the phone rings.

18:38  Pumba snuggles next to Chelsea.

18:30 Ace and Ntombi share some laughter as they have beaten Soxx on their card game. The laugh because he does not like losing.

18:00  Mbali and Blue are cooking and they discuss how they will make their lasagne.

17:44  Soxx calls Tembi by her full name and she pretends to be sleeping.

17:22  Lying comfortably in bed, Tembi and Soxx have a bonding session and Tembi thinks her partner is creepy

16:55 It seems the card games are now a battle of the couples as Ace and Ntombi take on Pumba and Chelsea.

16:40 Chelsea, Soxx, Pumba and Ntombi are partaking in a high stakes card game. Pumba looks like a pro at this.

16:20 Chelsea listens intently as Ntombi recounts a story which no-one is really sure if it's true or not.

15:58 Breakfast for lunch? The housemates are digging into their first meal for the day which happens to be scrambled eggs on toast with lots of tomato sauce. 

15:29 The girls, Mbali, Chelsea and Blue discuss what they'd do if their boyfriends were to join them in the house.

15:03 Mbali, Tembi, Chelsea and Blue share some girl talk as they get ready in the dressing room. The flowly white dresses have been pulled out. It feels like summer is still here.

14:40 Blue to the rescue! Tembi finally gets to relax as Blue helps her with the rest of the cleaning in the kitchen.

14:13 Blue, Kay, Ace and Thembi break out into song in the kitchen.

14:09 Kay is in high spirits as she twirls around like a little school girl in her dress.

13:39 Tembi soldiers on with her mission to clean the house and gives the kitchen a good scrubbing.

13:07 It seems Tembi is rolling solo with the cleaning up of the house and Soxx hangs oout on the patio and trades stories with Ace, Ntombi and Blue.

12:45 Tembi is as busy as a bee this afternoon. She's picking up empty bottles and tidying up the outside area. It seems this time her and Soxx want to hit the ground running with the Head of House crown.

12:10 There's a little indecision here and there but the shopping runs along smoothly. The housemates are a little worried about Biggie rationing their booze though.

12:00 It's time to do some shopping so everyone wakes from their slumber and heads to the lounge.

11:50 Finally the other housemates start to stir. Kay is up and her bubbly self as usual.

11:30 It's back to bed for Soxx and Tembi while Pumba chills in bed and snacks on some food.

11:00 It's still rest and relaxtion for the HoHs as the enjoy more pampering. Everyone else remains firmly in bed.

10:32 Biggie plays some sooth jams to ease the housemates out of bed and set the ambiance for Tembi and Soxx's spa date.

10:10 Pumba is up and about or rather just moved outside to sleep in the garden under the sun.

09:50 The perks of winnings Biggie's task. Soxx and Tembi are receiving their spa treatments.

09:30 Some of the snoring is making the windows rattle! But the housemates sleep through it regardless.

09:00 All is quiet in the house as everyone sleeps in.

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