May 02, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 40

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21:37  Kay, Pumba, Ace, Ntombi, Mbali, Chelsea, K2 and Blue are all automatically nominated.

21:29  Kay and Pumba are next up, Kay struggles on her second egg. Pumba has to pull a rabbit out of the hat. He psyches himself up and readies himself. Pumba did a total of sixteen eggs. Soxx and Tembi are Head of House.

21:22  Soxx and Tembi are up against Pumba and Kay. Round four is Eggolympics. Housemates have to crack and pour one egg at a time into the glass and drink it. The objest is to see how many each pair can drink. The most amount of eggs will win Head of House, If a housemate throws up, they will be disqualified. Tembi is up first and manages five eggs. Soxx powers through sixteen eggs which makes it 21.

21:13  K2 is next up, the buzzer sounds and he frantically nods as if his life depends on it. K2 makes 135. Tembi is nect and makes 137 nods. K2 and Blue are eliminated.

21:06  Housemates are called back into the Arena. Round three is called Nod Out. The pair need to work out which one will wear the Pedometer. The housemate wearing it has to do as many nods as they can in 60 seconds. The winners will go to the fourth and final round. Kay and Pumba are first, Kay goes up first. She manages 155 nods.

20:43  The housemates all wait in the cold wrapped up in blankets.

20:06  "Gallop or Fall Off" is the second round. The first three mechanical horses that make it through to the end will go through to the next round. Pumba, Ace, K2 and Soxx are up against each other. Biggie tells them to stop. They have to stop as they made a false start. Now they have to wait for the buzzer to go through. In a closely contested race, Biggie's Ninja has to check. Kay and Pumba are eliminated. Biggie send the housemates to the garden to wait for him to call them back.

20:00  Soxx rushes to get as many onto Tembi's face. Eight pies, they are through to the next round.

19:56  Kay and Pumba are next and get eight pies.

19:55  Ace is next to get the pies into Ntombi's face. Ace manages seven pies.

19:50  Partners must get the most amount of pies on their partners face will go through to the second round. Chelsea has to run over the slippery floor to get the pie to Mbali's face.

19:30  Soxx complains about his wrist being sore

19:20  Mbali makes her bed, Soxx continues clowning around.

18:56  Soxx has been in an ebulent mood all afternoon and he clowns around with Ntombi having earlier comforted Blue, he has been a pillar of strength to some in the house. 

18:30  Chelsea cooks while Mbali sleeps. 

18:03  Soxx reads out Biggies instruction about tonights games. 

17:55  Soxx to Blue in the kitchen "Are you happy now brah?" Blue giggles, she cannot hid her relief, there's a bounce in her step.

17:20  Biggie summons the housemates to the lounge immediately as he has an urgent announcement. Biggie addresses the hosemates and asks them about the siren. Biggie thanks Kay for being brave enough to hit the buzzer. Biggie tells them that the Non Sense week has been reset. "Like Big Brother, the viewers makes jokes too." Biggie announces that all of the housemates are nominated. A very releived K2 and Blue and Pumba and Kay rejoice after Biggie bids them "Good night." Biggie's parting shot is that tonight's Head of House winners are immune from eviction but are not able to save and replace. Pumba embraces an elated Kay.

17:02  Soxx and Pumba are relaxed and enjoy a game of cards. 

16:36  Ntombi nestles her head in Ace's lap. Does Kay think something's up?

16:20  The mood is sombre with many choosing to sleep.

16:00  Soxx, Ace and Pumba play their game of marbles in the garden. 

15:50  Kay wants to press the buzzer. She does, a horn goes off in the house. Biggie tells the housemates to close the front doors and stay in the garden until further notice.  

15:47  Soxx, Chelsea and Pumba play cards. Mbali inspects Tembi's hair. 

15:25  Life goes on in the house, some buoyed by the earlier events, some nursing their wounds. 

15:11  Chelsea tries to get the ball that Pumba hit onto the roof. Chelsea sees a cat up on the hot tin roof. 

14:45  Blue isolates herself from the rest of the housemates as she sits in her own private despair while Pumba dances around the kitchen. Kay is her ususal vocal self. 

14:15  It's official, Kay is to be teamed with K2 and Blue is teamed with Pumba. The word miserable would be an understatement. 

13:56  Soxx and Tembi frolic around on the hammock, joking and laughing, obviously releived that they had saved their relationship. Chelsea and Pumba sit next to each other discussing "what ifs." 

13:45  Kay wants to smoke as she is stressed. 

13:30  Kay interrogates Pumba about his life as she is hoping against hope that there will be another round of questions. 

13:00  K2 answers for Blue and also gets too many questions wrong. Both are upset and Blue is visibly distraught as she sinks to her knees sobbing.

12:45  Kay decides to ansswer for the questions on Pumba and after a slight delay on the last question because of a technical issue, he gets too many questions wrong much to the dismay of both. dismay.

12:30  Mbali almost gets all the answered correct and she saves their relationship.

12:15  Ntombi and Ace are on the podium and Ace is answering the questions.

12:00  Tembi has 2 correct answers and needs 2 more to go through.

11:54  Tembi and Soxx first pair on the podium and she will be answering the questions.

11:48  Biggie summons all housemates to the arena and seat on individual boxes that have their names.

11:30  Mbali is doing her laundry while other's are playing card games.

11:00  Ntombi making "Uphuthu" African salad for others.

10:45  Ntombi makes cereal for Pumba since Kay and Chelsea is not there to make sure their man has eaten.

10:40  Looks like Ace does not want to wash the dishes and Blue has been calling him and he keeps on ignoring  her.

10:30  HoH Blue summons Ace to go and wash the dishes because he has not done anything this morning.

10:15  While lying on the bed, Kay tells Chelsea she is not sick and all she wants is a cigarette, Chelsea gives her some therapeutic tips.

10:00  Pumba and Soxx are playing a card game.

09:45  All housemates are chilling in the garden enjoying the morning sun.

09:30  Ntombi and Ace talk about last night's game and how everyone gave their best to win the challenge.

09:15  Sweet Mbali asks if she can run some water for her Chelsea bun but she looks really tired and needs some more sleep.

09:00  This morning exercise routine is worth waking up for, even if you're not a morning person.

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