May 01, 2015

Daily Highlights: Day 39

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20:38 The most important decision the housemates would like to know though is if they won their wager and the answer is a resounding yes thanks to the viewers votes

20:36 The final award is Best Puppet show and the winners are Ace and Ntombi with their Charlie Chapman-esque show!

20:35 The next award is Best Puppeteer and Soxx scopps that one!

20:34 It's time for the prizes. First up is Best Puppet Design and that goes to, K2 and Blue!

20:32 Biggie reveals that there were secret agents among the housemates who wrecked havoc in the house but he doesn't reveal who they are.

20:30 It's time to find out how the viewers voted for the #BBPuppetShow

20:20 Ace and Ntombi play hanky panky in the change room. Ntombi jokes that she works very hard to get the figure she wants so Ace can't just come and play with her body.

20:00 The housemates are waiting anxiously for the results of the Puppet Show. In the mean time they critique each other's performances. 

19:45 Voting is now open on WeChat! Cast your vote for the Task Presentation using #BBPuppetShow in the Big Brother Mzansi official account on WeChat.

19:39 Wait! The Royals' story is coming together and it seems to be about the time Matthias planned a date with Blue and K2 sabotaged it.

19:35 It's K2 and Blue up next. They seem to be improvising, Ace and Ntombi style.

19:33 Pumba ends their play with an announcement on how individuals can get help if they're being bullied.

19:29 Pumba and Kay get the crowd worked up with an exciting intro. Their show is about bullying in schools.

19:28 The girls use their performance as a chance to wish Mbali's sister a happy birthday by singing for her.

19:25 Mbali and Chelsea's play begins with a monologue. It's a tale of a worm that dreamt of being a butterfly.

19:20 Soxx and Tembi are up next with a hilarious skit staring 'Skhotanah' and 'Leandray'.

19:15 Ace and Ntombi improvise and try make the most of the lack of words in their script.

19:10 The Puppet Show has begun. Ace and Ntombi prepare behind the stage.

18:55  Ace leads a sing-along while they all ready themselves for tonight's presentation. Remember: Voting for the Task Presentation using #BBPuppetShow will start at 19:30. PLEASE NOTE: Voting is only on WeChat. Watch the video on how to join and follow Big Brother Mzansi on WeChat

18:46  housemates have fifteen minutes before their task presentation. 

18:32  Voting for the Task Presentation using #BBPuppetShow will start at 19:30. PLEASE NOTE: Voting is only on WeChat. Watch the video on how to join and follow Big Brother Mzansi on WeChat

18:21  Kay knits away, still helping Tembi.

17:54  Biggie calls "Secret Agent" Mbali intot the diary room and offers her three items on a wishlist for successfully cvompleting their mission. She is given three wishes, realistic wishes. She says she would like a digital camera but she is told that it is not realistic, so her first one chooses foundation. Item two would be six bottles of Kanu Shiraz wine and item numbe three she chooses a manicure. 

17:38  Kay and Pumba are next for their diary session. Kay says she needs to smoke. Kay says that Chelsea sings "Kiss me" to Pumba. Pumba chats about Chelsea and says that he is getting a good understanding with Chelsea. Kay gives Pumba an earfull about Tiffini and Chelsea. Pumba says that Chelsea is good for him but that he is confused. The viewers want to know if Kay has a boyfriend outside of the house, she says she does. Pumba is asked by the viewers what kind of girl he likes, he says he likes tall bald girls, he doesn't worry about colour or race. He likes a flat stomach and that they are tom-boys and that they are loyal. 

17:30  Soxx and Tembi are in the diary room. Soxx says he is scared about being evicted. Tembi is asked by the viewrs what the last lie she told in the house to further her and Soxx's game in the house. She says she lied to K2. Viewers ask Soxx what skill he would like to learn. He does not hesitate in answering: cooking.  

17:09  Chelsea and Blue dish out the dinner. there are a lot of open Shap Shap bottles.

16:49  K2 is asked by the viewers what has been his most embarrassing moments in the house, K2 feels like today as the French Maid has been the most embarrassing moment for him. He says he hates being tld what to do. Biggie almost forgets to ask Blue what kind of dog is her favourite dog and what kind of animal she would like. She says she is not an animal person, she likes Bull dogs, she says they are big and strong. She says that K2 protects her and she says he reminds her of a Bull dog. 

16:32  Blue and K2 are in the diary room. K2 says that the challenge as "K Trois" is horrible. Blue says that earlier she wasn't feeling well but is better now. Blue feels worried about the sock challenge for Tembi. Blue feels that Chelsea and Mbali are their biggest threat and K2 agrees. K2 discusses Ace and Ntombi's challenge. K2 says that he doesn't like to see Ntombi sad. Blue says she feels more confident when she has her weave and her make-up. K2 reckons that tomorrow's games has something to do with the timer in the house.He also surmises that they might get a visit or message from home. 

16:27  "I can't blame me if he's good looking and I'm good looking" Chelsea discusses Pumba, she is clearly smitten. she says that he is a gentleman. Mbali teases Chelsea. Biggie says that he would like to know what Kay thinks about Chelsea and Pumba. 

16:18  The viewers want to know from Chelsea why she was crying the previous night. She cannot remember, she says that she was crying because of he mom and she says that she misses her and that she says that she remembers everything she tells her. Mbali thinks that this Friday night's double or nothing challenge has something to do with seeing their families or getting a message from their family. 

16:07  Mbali tells Biggie that she is having a horrible day. Mbali sends a shoutout to her sister for her birthday. Mbali reminisces some times spent with her sister. Chelsea turns on the waterworks. Biggie asks Mbali to describe her dream man. Mbali says that he must besupportive, similar to her father, very strong, driven, needs to succeed, someone who cares. Someone who looks after himself, dresses nicely, smells nice, looks presentable and a funny guy. Somoene who likes her for her. 

16:02  "Agent Ace reporting for duty." Biggie congratulates Ace, he is told they won the challenge, Ace is told to request three realistic requests. Ace requests: "May I see my father, may I be guarranteed a place in the finals and may I see my child." He is told to not reveal this even to Ntombi and is told to make up something about him being ill. 15:49  Ace would like to take Ntombi up in the Drakensberg, his homeland and then propose there. Ntombi beems. Biggie asks them what they think the games this Friday will be about. Ace gives a shoutout to his dad. 

15:44  Ace and Ntombi are in the diary room. the viewers give Ntombi the challenge of freestyling about Ace and Skhokho. Ace beatboxes and Ntombi nails it. Viewers ask Ace how he would propose to Ntombi. Ace says that he would do it on stage at the end of the stage. He says another way would be at a party they throw after the show. He gives her another option with them going away and then in th emiddle of the holidays and go down on his knee. 

15:10  Now Mbali teaches Tembi how to knit. Soxx sings to his sock puppet to Ntombi's delight. 

14:39  Ace and Ntombi continue with their sign language, happy to be at each others side again.

14:33  Chelsea asks what she must cook. "Give the chips to the maid to cook."

14:16  Kay teaches Tembi how to knit. Chelsea sings to Soxx that she was in detension "every single Friday."

14:00  Tembi, Soxx and Blue are the suspects for who took the items. 

13:42  Biggie sends K2 out to get a saucer and "maybe some cookies" for the tea he made Biggie. Biggie dubs him "K Trois." "Aurevois K Trois."

13:36  Kay is called into the diary room for her "Yes Challenge" Biggie gives Kay a tough question from the viewers, she must take over Soxx's challenge and she must not smoke until tomorrow lunch time. Kay says yes. Soxx outside dances around in delight. She has to give him all of her cigarettes. Kay walks despondently into the house to retrieve her  cigarettes. 

13:31  Biggie asks Tembi from the viewers if she can knit socks for Soxx to Soxx's specifications. She says she cannot knit. Biggie says that she must ask her housemates to help her. Soxx has to wear the socks to the presentation tonight. 

13:30  K2 is a maid for a day

13:23  K2 is told to report to the diary room. The viewers Say Yes challenge is for K2 to wear a French Maid's outfit for the day until tonight. K2 has to take over the chores, he is to be at everyones beck and call to everyone. He has to clean and cook for everyone. He has to carry a feather duster at all times and say "Yes Sir" and  "Yes Ma'am."

13:17  Pumba and Kay act out their play, Pumba speaks in a French accent.

12:56  Tembi has a new sock partner

12:41  Housemates are hard at work on their task, using the materials they have to their fullest effect.

12:25  Chelsea and Pumba sneak a kiss while everyone is in the living room working on their task.

11:37  The housemates are hard at work on their challenge.

11:21  Ace and Ntombi are close to each other grunting and groaning to each other working on their task. 

10:57  K2 reads out the task presentation for tonight. Housemates are to do a puppet show. The audience stipulated that Ace and Ntombi's puppet show can be done together but that they can only work together using sound effects and hand signals. 

10:42  Blue perfects her hair and Pumba snuggles up to Chelsea. 

10:26  This Saturday DJ Mono T plays in the house for the Shap Shap party. 

10:12 Chelsea promises to go to gym tomorrow morning. 

09:55 Pumba and K2 enjoy some proudly home grown Hip Hop music over breakfast

09:35 Ntombi and K2 seem lost in thought. 

09:20 Pumba gets his morning shake fix in.

09:06 Housemates get themselves ready for whatever Non Sense the day is very likely to throw at them.

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