May 03, 2015

Chelsea Steals Housemates' Cigarettes, Won't she Cause Trouble?

It's very evident that he Big Brother Mzansi house is mostly filled with smokers. Smokers who were very obsessive about their cigarettes. 

Smokers who, would suffer no one for their fix and smokers who maybe even strangle a snake, if it messed with their smokes. Stealing of cigarettes was viewed as sacrilegious and the ultimate betrayal. So just who stole the smokes?

There was certainly a thief among them. It must have been the umpteenth time cigarettes had grown legs and gone mysteriously missing.

The first ever person to steal and hide cigarettes was Pumba. Who, during the first couple of weeks admitted to taking Chelsea’s smokes, just to stir the pot. Indeed he did as smokers went as far as calling a meeting to determine who was behind it.

Today, in the last couple of weeks of the game, the roles reversed and it seemed Chelsea was nicotine thief in the house. A number of cigarettes disappeared. Ace was first to smell a rat. He was sure that his stash had drastically dwindled overnight.

We know Chelsea was quite the smoking addict herself. Could she have taken them in a moment of weakness or was this all part of an elaborate plan to rattle things up?

With the smokers stealing from each other, there was indeed on honour among thieves.

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