May 12, 2015

Chelsea Leads The Housemates In Taking Selfies

Biggie brought in the Twitter Mirror and they were so excited and Blue took pictures of herself in bed and K2 sleeping. Ace looked for brush so he could look good for the camera but could not find it. Chelsea woke up from her nap and went straight to put on some make up and took pictures everywhere in the house.

People really come together when they share responsibilities and given fun activities to take part in. At the beginning of the game Ntombi and Blue where never close and hardly conversed but this week, they’ve been besties and shared a lot with each other, they even played pool together. Everyone has been involved in running the house smoothly and the HoH have devided house chores very well. Mbali spent most of the time in the mirror putting on make up to find it a few minutes into taking selfies, twitter mirror was broken.

This week has been the most exciting week for the final housemates and have been getting along very well. We saw the Duchess tonight dancing to the tunes of Maskandi, one of South Africa’s most famous and enjoyed music. She really shook her body and showed other housemates how it was done.

The finalists have been spending so much time together and got a chance to bond and know each other much better with no little circles in between that could threaten their friendships. No better way than to cook together and reminisce about the good old days and take selfies thanks to Biggie. Ntombi and Ace where on kitchen duty tonight and cooked dinner for housemates. They spoke about how happy they were for making it in the finals. Ntombi told Ace about how scared she was that her son was growing up before she did the things she wanted to do.

They don’t have to be best friends but this week they found a way to bond with each other and Biggie made it easier for them by introducing tasks that entitled them to work together.

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