May 14, 2015

Chelsea Gets Emotional After Talking To Her Mum

The Big Brother Mzansi housemates were today surprised as they spoke to their family members and friends on phone.

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This surely left most of them emotional even when they were very happy given that they had spoken to their loved ones on the outside world.

Beauty queen Chelsea was very amused and shocked at the same time when she received a phone call from her mother. The lass was filled joy and as a result she got emotional as she spoke to her Mum on the red telephone and had to be consoled by her mother as she wept into the reciever.

After she had gained her composure, her mom told her how proud she was of her and cautioned her about constantly swearing. When the call was done, Chelsea could be seen beaming as she walked around the house.

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Mean while Mbali also got a phone call from her best friend and amazingly the usually talkative lass was actually speechless throughout most of the conversation.

And during their diary session today, Mbali and Chelsea were all smiles as they gloated over the opportunity to speak to their friends and family but soon things became sombre as Biggie asked some close to home questions.

However a few seconds later, tears then proceeded to flow as both girls shared their tales of struggle and strife as well as the sacrifices they had to make, not only by coming to Big Brother Mzansi, but also just to keep their respective households afloat. It truly was a touching moment to witness.

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