May 03, 2015

Chelsea And Tembi Fall Out

In the Big Brother Mzansi house, some of the trouble makers "housemates" always make it a point to  wash their dishes after they're done with eating however some wait until the sink is overflowing before they do something about it. 

Last night things got really bad between Soxx's lady love Tembi and Chelsea and Tembi when the HoH dictated to her that she will wash the pot. 

Chelsea was furious and told her she was not her mother and she was supposed to be a mother so Tembi should act like one. Tembi did not take this lightly as she reprimanded poor Chelsea who threw words back at her and said she had noticed her bad habits and age differences came up again.

And as a matter of fact, Tembi and Chelsea have never gotten along in the house and no week passes by without them tongue lashing at each other and Tembi has never had patience for her childish traits. 
Chelsea told her that as HoH she was supposed to be running the house smoothly and not dictate to others. Sweet Mbali was there to intervene and told them they were both wrong should stop fighting. She offered to wash the pot if Chelsea does not since she was her partner.

She sat down and talked to them about the issue at hand in a calm and collective manner but the two ladies were unable to compromise. 

Some housemates want their own space and it always starts with fights and conflicts and sharing a living space can be a lot of fun. This does not mean they are obliged to develop a close friendship for these two girls.

Chelsea and Tembi never avoid their misunderstandings and they always voice their issues with each other and always develop into greater problems. Pumba had to go outside and ask Soxx to go in and calm his partner down. They just need to take care of their weekly chores and stay on top of their responsibilities.

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