May 13, 2015

Chelsea And Mbali Discuss K2 And Blue's Relationship

It all started when Chelsea spoke about trust issues amongst the remaining pairs and expressed her dissatisfaction with the Royal Blue and her actions.

While lying in bed, Chelsea told Mbali she does not trust Blue because she said to her she has people who would take care of her when she leaves the house and some of them have even asked her to play cameo roles on their movies. 

Mbali said, K2 and Blue came to her on different occasions and Blue told her that when she is outside, she will try and sort things out with her boyfriend even though her boyfriend was not happy with her joining the game. 

Blue’s boyfriend’s cousin was on the show and he found love, so he did not approve of her making the move and told her if she kisses someone or even shares a bed with a men, it’s over between them.

Blue also told Mbali that if things do not work out with her boyfriend, she will make things work between herself and K2. 

She likes K2 but loves her boyfriend said Mbali and when Blue came into the show her boyfriend told her he would tell people they’ve broken up because he does not want to be embarrassed by her and he knows what the show could do to a person. Mbali’s advice to Blue was she needed to make her boyfriend understand why she did the things she did in the house.

Chelsea thought the Duchess was not Ms goodie too shoes that she pretended to be in the house because at the beginning, she once said K2 was not her type and had never dated someone that young and could also never be with a guy who could not help her. 

Mbali said K2 was not an angel and he also had someone outside the house but the guy was worried the Duchess would dump him on stage. She said he was also not sure if his feelings for Blue where real or it was the environment.

At the beginning, K2 wanted to bring Blue closer so she could be able to trust him and it gets lonely in the house and some housemates need intimacy. Mbali told Chelsea she does not blame people for finding someone in the house because she misses being hugged and told she is beautiful by the opposite sex.

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