May 20, 2015

BBMzansi Double Trouble Fights

It’s all love in Biggie’s house. Unity and respect is encouraged and those who defy this learn things the hard way. However occasionally the housemates didn’t heed the warnings of Big Brother and chose to let things boil over, resulting in some of the most epic verbal arguments ever.

While thankfully the altercations never turned physical, they often left us clutching at our pearls as insults were hurled back and forth.

Here are some of the biggest fights in Big Brother Mzansi Season 2:

Gino VS Pumba

The clash of the titans! The clash between the temperamental Gino and the hot-headed Pumba made for one of the scariest moments in the house. What started as a hilarious game of soccer turned into a too close for comfort exchange of words between the two most volatile gentlemen in the house, all because Gino had mistakenly bumped in Blue a little too hard?

Soxx VS Tembi

Not all of Biggie’s fights were between rival housemates. Some of the most heated arguments happened within the pairs themselves. No one proved this better than Soxx and Tembi. When they weren’t wildly in-love with each other, they wanted to get at each other’s throats. Fortunately though they always ended their fights with a kiss.

Sibu VS Blue

Some of the best Big Brother Mzansi quotes came from this fight! Who can forget when Blue proclaimed, “I’m from the ghetto bruh!” And to think the whole episode started when Sibu, the fashionista and master instigator ruffled Blue's feathers by grabbing the fabric out of her hands that she was using for a task. The slander then ensued.

Tembi VS Tiffini

Girl fight! This one you just have to see for youself.

Gino VS Tembi & Adams

Money might be the root of all evil but cigarettes were the centre of almost all fights. In this spat, Gino returned to defend his undisputed arguing title when he found himself facing off with exes, Tembi and Adams. The issue was over the cigarettes but it quickly turned into a the most epic shouting and shoving match of the season.

Matthias VS Khali

Ntwana, over some batteries? Matthias and Khali chose the strangest thing to fight over. While handing out batteries for their microphones, Matthias refused to take the power pack he had being given and insisted on taking his own from the packet. Khali refused to oblige to his demands and in response he tackled her to the ground. That’s when things hit the fan. Who knew Bongi’s girlfriend had such a potty mouth?

Ace VS Ntombi

If there’s one thing Ace and Ntombi loved as much as each other, it was food. Well, at least Ace loved his food and sometimes he got a little greedy with it but this time Ntombi wasn’t having it. After winning biltong from Biggie, Ace thought he could have the tasty treats all to himself… boy, was he wrong!

Which fight did you find the most thrilling?

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