May 06, 2015

Ace Blasts Ntombi

They were already a happy couple even before they entered the Big Brother Mzansi house as they have spent five years together, in fact Ace and Ntombi even have a child.

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However they are occasionally being subjected to storms as Ntombi is tired of being alone when she feels she would rather be next to her man.

Last evening when Ace and Soxx were in the garden chilling next to the housemates' time machine, Ntombi came outside looking dejected and seemed not amused with what she was seeing.

She claimed Ace looked bored and when she asked him if they can chill outside to connect and he said it was cold so she did not understand why he was playing outside with Soxx.
Ace and his lady love Ntombi have always been devoted to loving each other and last night she wanted to connect with her man but he was not available.

Ace was not aware that he was being distant to her baby mama and asked why she did not sit next to him if she was feeling lonely.

The lad asked her to stop acting like the other girls in the house because ever since they came into the house, she’s been acting up and she was not like the other girls in the house. Last week when they had an argument, we heard Ace saying he had the worse luck in girlfriends ever so no week passes without a squabble from them.

Pressure seems to be the biggest factor in this pair and he asked her to stop playing emotional games since this week was very crucial for them.  Ntombi could not cheer up and Ace walked away cursing at her which made her look like she was going to cry. Poor girl was left alone in the garden while her man took a shower like nothing happened.

Don't you think Ace is being rude to his baby mama?

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