May 12, 2015

Ace And Ntombi At It Once Again

Housemates where all about love and spreading the word tonight, they expressed how they felt about each other in different parts of the house.

Ace and Ntombi in the kitchen embraced each other and she blushed when her baby sang to her and telling her how he wanted to make love to her and the places he would do. Couch, in bed and even on the floor and wanted Ntombi to take his virginity. That’s how he felt about Ntombi tonight, he charmed her and complimented her every move and gestures.

Mbali who is always good with her words gave them some couples advice and she told Ntombi that she does not acknowledge the nicer things Ace does for her and dismisses them. She said she needed to show appreciation for them because if one day he stops doing them, she will think Ace was doing something wrong.

As for Ace, she said he needs to learn to read Ntombi better because whenever he does something she liked or disliked it shows on her face so the brother needed to watch out for that. Ntombi does not like it when Ace calls him crazy and she has said that before so Ace needed to stop saying things that her girlfriend did not like. Hmmm well Mbali was all about relationship 101 survival kit.

Mbali was also about showing some love to her partner by bring her food in bed, she woke her up so she can have something to eat so she could keep her energy levels high. Chelsea was not feeling good but her partner made sure she felt better. The Royals expressed how they appreciated being part of each other’s lives and Blue told K2 she would be soft again when she leaves the house.

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