May 24, 2015

A Glimpse Of Soxx's Radio Interview

An interview with Soxx who was evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house with just a week to the final of the series.
Soxx recently visited the local radio station that was actively campaigning for him while he was still in the house and was hosted in the breakfast show from 8 - 9 am by DJ Zol. Here is the highlights of his interview.

DJ Zol: We understand you were the first to represent EC on Big Brother Mzansi, how did it feel?

Soxx: Ja No grootie, there was another girl called Thando who was also from EC but yes you can say I am the one fro PE

DJ Zol: So tell us, how did you manage to get into the show?

Soxx: I actually took my last R500 to travel to Cape Town for auditions and luckily, I went through all the stages

DJ Zol: So who was your favorite housemate when you got to the house?

Soxx: Yoh grootie, it was EX, we just clicked with the dude, maybe because of our love for hip hop and it's a pity he had to leave on the 1st week.
I was also close with Ntombi, you guys donno Ntombi the way I know her, that lady is very clever, she has brains, I am not talking about academic smart as I donno that part, but she is very street smart ...very clever and that was the reason she won the show, and she was my favorite as well

DJ Zol: Other than the 2million that you went to take a shot at, what other purpose did you go there for?

Soxx: One thing I can mention and that is dear to my heart is the fact that I put myself out there, that encouraged a lot of people who don't see themselves as normal in our society, I meet a lot of people who tell me they had no hope until they saw me on TV and that actually took them out of the hell holes they were in. I was doing it for everyone who has self doubt that they can still do a lot of things.

DJ Zol: Where to from here now that you are out of the house, any special projects?

Soxx: As much as I would love to stick around in PE but I have to explore these opportunities and go a day hustle so I can make my own R2million. I want to approach Mzansi Magic for a reality show about my hustle yabo, and I will be working with Monde Du be, the gentleman that was the executive producer of the video on BBM on a Mzansi Magic movie, as soon as the script is ready, we are on!

DJ Zol: If people want to contact you for corporate events, how can they get hold of you?

Soxx: they can inbox me on my personal Facebook account Soxx PapiChulo while I get a few things in place.

DJ Zol: Seems you have so many plans bro and we wish you the best.

Soxx: Yeah man there's lots of things I wanna do before I settle down, as i wanna have a wife and child too, but now my hustle takes up most of my time, so yeah, I need a relationship I can focus on in the next 3 years at least

DJ Zol: So Ace also your dawg hey?

Soxx: oh yeah, he's a outie yaseKasi and I know and hope they will use their money wisely.

DJ Zol: If it was you who win, what would you have done with the 2m?

Soxx: I would invest it, but before that, I would clear my mom's debt

DJ Zol: I see you are speaking so passionately about your mother just like she spoke passionately about you when she came campaigning for you

Soxx: Yoh I love that mama grootie, you can never imagine, even if I have a new girlfriend, she must first approve of the girl. My mother will always be involved in my life, even the partner I eventually choose as my wife, has to get along with my mother. If they can't get along right now how strong are the chances of us getting a divorce as I will be torn between two important women in my life

Soxx: So basically, parents from both sides need to get along with, we might not realize the importance or ignore those facts until we are deep in marriage and I don't want that added stress.

The Sports Anchor chips in as he has a question for #BBSoxx:

SportsAnchor: We believe you had a girl in the house called Tembi, how is that going, are you continuing? 
Did you go in the house while you were in a relationship etc?

Soxx: We both agreed it was a game in the house and are no longer together.

DJ Zol: So is the any other relationships?

Soxx: Yeah, there was a relationship before the house but we decided to take a break from each other, just before the show, then when I returned, she surprisingly agreed to speak to me and try we are continuing and taking each day as it comes. We are stronger than before.

Soxx: I wanna thank everyone who supported me throughout the show, I used to be a very naughty guy, but now I have discovered things about myself and am proud to be the man I am today.

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