April 15, 2015

Will The Housemates Overcome Biggie's Obstacles?

Being the ever unpredictable guy that we all know, this week Big Brother has chosen to put different obstacles all around the entire Big Brother Mzansi house. 

And in so doing, all the housemates are expected to tackle these little obstacles so that they can make it into the next room they wish to enter.

Of course failure to handle this whole situation of obstacles up to Biggie's expectations won't just go unnoticed as the housemates risk losing their 100% wager this week.

And being one of the fattest ladies in the house, it'S very interesting watching Kay hustle it out to overcome Biggie's obstacles......

However there's one big question, will the trouble makers (housemates) be able to efficiently overcome the obstacles without putting their 100% wager at risk?

We'll keep you posted so just keep logged in............

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