April 13, 2015

Why Adams And K2 Got Strikes

Last night in the Big Brother Mzansi house things didn't actually go well for some housemates like Adams and K2 as they received strikes from Big Brother.

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And if you didn't watch the video clip Biggie played last night, here's why the two friends got strikes;

Under the influence of alcohol, K2 and Adams were trying to force Bexx into something that she didn't want to do. It all started when K2 demanded for a massage from Bexx and she ignored his request. K2 then demanded Bexx to kiss him as he forcefully k!ssed her, though Bexx was drunk, she had not lost her mind as she kept on resisting.

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The video also shows the moment when K2 asked Adams to join him so that they can k!ss Bexx together and indeed they did. Further still the two lads wanted Bexx to have some more k!sses with the beauty queen. 

Eventually Bexx decided to go away from them, leaving the two guys in the bath, they then laughed it off. Adams then said they should take their bottle of alcohol and drink it, K2 accepted and he's also heard saying that they should go and apologise. 

It is clear in the video clip that Big Brother played that K2 and Adams took advantage of Bexx's situation and took things way too far though later that evening they apologised to her. 
Mean while Big Brother acknowledged their apology for their dirty acts, however like the rules of the game say, such behavior can not be tolerated in the Big Brother house

According to Biggie, K2 and Adams' behavior was not only offensive to Bexx but also to Biggie himself and the viewers at large.

After striking them, Big Brother went on to assure Adams and K2 that such ill-mannered behavior towards any woman in the Big brother house will not be tolerated at all

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