April 24, 2015

Week 5: Mbali And Chelsea Win The Friday Night Games

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In the final of the Friday Night Games the housemates once again found themselves being tested to the max as Biggie presented them with another geography based challenge.

This time Chelsea and Mbali had to take on Soxx and Tembi in a puzzle challenge that required them to correctly label each of South Africa’s nine provinces as well as two cities in each territory.

With no shortcut or tricks to winning, the finalists knew they were in for a tough one, they just didn’t know how tough it would be. Chelsea and Mbali went first and tried their best to match up the towns and city but they just couldn’t crack it.

The girls scratched their heads and came up with some spectacular mismatches like Grahamstown in the Northern Cape! After ten minutes of struggling, Biggie then offered them a lifeline by allowing them to pick one housemate to approach the board and assist them.

Pumba was their saviour of choice and being Chelsea’s boo, he didn’t waste time in correcting their mistakes. In under 60 seconds he had helped them stop the buzzer and get the green light from Biggie’s ninja.

Soxx and Tembi were up next and with hopes of adding another win to their belt, they hit the ground running.

With barely two minutes on the clock, they raised their flag to signal to Biggie that they were done however the pair had made a number of errors like Harrismith in Gauteng! Eventually they too found themselves at the ten minute mark and called on Bongi to lend a helping hand.

Shockingly, the usually smart Bongi couldn’t crack the code despite having seen the correct map just a few minutes prior during Chelsea and Mbali’s round. Time eventually ran out for the Head of House couple and once again Chelsea and Mbali became winners of another Big Brother challenge

The girls were congratulated by Biggie on their win and told they’d find out later what they’d won. Maybe it’s more money!

But for now the question remains, did Bongi sabotage Soxx and Tembi?

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