April 20, 2015

Week 5: K2 And Blue Win Head Of House

The much needed Head of House for this week has been  decided after a tricky Head of House challenge.
Big Brother gave the two pairs that were competing on the final round Soxx and Tembi & K2 and Blue 10 minutes of time to carefully choose a team to take on Biggie’s Electric Minefield challenge.

And for the challenge, the pairs were supposed to carefully navigating their way through the Electric Minefield by speedily climbing over electrified ropes while avoiding being shocked. 

The first team to successfully make it through wins and the leading pair would be crowned Heads of House for the week.

K2 and Blue decided to choose Chelsea and Mbali & Bongi and Khali while Soxx and Tembi chose Kay and Pumba & Ntombi and Ace.

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The pairs were then attached tethered to each other by Biggie’s ninjas in preparation to take on the minefield.

And finally the task went down with  Soxx and Tembi’s team completing in 2 minutes 3seconds while K2 and Blue’s team finished in 1minute 31seconds.

Lets congratulate K2 and Blue for scooping Head of House for this week in the Big Brother Mzansi house.

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