April 16, 2015

Week 4: Housemates Win Their 100% Wager

Tonight housemates were survivors. After a week in the wilderness, the wild ones weathered the elements and emerged victorious on the other side. And Biggie was always a fair Biggie as he rewarded their 100% effort with a 100% wager win.

For tonight’s task presentation housemates slipped into their feral threads and did a great job of blending right in with their wild and whimsical surroundings. The survival-mates were at home as they showcased their rock paintings and ensembles to their fellow survivors, Biggie and the viewers.

In Big Brothers Museum of the Wild, pairs each mounted the platform and shared touching tales of what lay behind their costumes, their plaques, paintings and, finally, their Big Five buns.

As Heads of House, Mbali and Chelsea, opened the show. They felt more endeared to the elephant because of the animals impeccable memory as well as it’s unassuming but majestic nature. Like the boar, they were kind and held their kin in high regard.

New couple Soxx and Tembi fed off one another as if they were long-time soulmates. He expressed his passion for prayer and recited his praise names while Tembi shared her fancy for horses and appreciation for all things wild and wonderful.

Ntombi took pride in representing a snake while Ace encouraged all to “save our rhinos”. Ace was commended by all for his skill with a football, K2 for his as a rapper and Blue for always putting her finest foot forward. The couple pointed out the tough times that followed Mbali and Chelsea’s R10,000 reward last week and were grateful to Ace for nabbing the food and saving them from a bad bout of hunger.

With pairs articulating the admirable traits of others, we couldn’t tell whether shots were being fired at times when the words were sugar coated. Bongi & Khali and Pumba & Kay did a good job of depicting other housemates in a sometimes brow-raising light while portraying themselves as better than the others.

Like their wild spirit animals the survival-mates agreed that they were strong, proud and protective of their lot.

Biggie was impressed with their effort and, barring all the sleeping during the day, was happy to award them a beastly feast of a wager win.

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