April 17, 2015

Week 4 Friday Night Games: Mbali And Chelsea Emerge As Winners

Photo credit & source: www.bigbrothermzansi.tv
Mbali and Chelsea, Soxx and Tembi made it to the second round in a fiercly contested challenge with K2 falling at the final hurdle. The two pairs were pitted against each other in a game of Catapult. 

Chelsea and Mbali were told by Biggie that they were up first. The housematesw had to use the catapult and aim at the bulls eye board, the pair with the highest score would secure a chance to win a free pass to the Finale. Biggie told them that they only had three shots between them and told them that they had to choose the yellow colour. They scored 80 on their first shot but missed with both their next shots. 

Soxx and Tembi shot with the blue colour and missed on their first shot. and even though their second shot was a 50, they missed their third shot which meant a jubilant Chelsea and Mbali won the games.

Chelsea and Mbali were then told to go into the garden where they were to play a game of Jeapardy where there were five lids, one of which contained a ticket that would give them immunity through to the finale of the game. If they got the ticket, they would have to monitor their ticket 24 hours a day until the final week.

The ticket would have been locked inside a perspex box and each of the pair would have to  wind an hourly timer set up to destroy the ticket if the timer was not wound in time..It would set off a bunsen burner which would then destroy the ticket. If the ticket was destroyed, they would not be immune from eviction anymore. A nervous and tense pair finally after 60 seconds made their choice, they did not get the ticket. Visibly deflated, Biggie cpongratulated them and they were told to go back into the house.

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