April 06, 2015

Week 3 Head Of House Challenge

Today’s Head of House challenge was a largely contested one. But then again, isn’t it always?  Mbali and Chelsea were under particular pressure to win and gain immunity this time around. 

The R10,000 deal and the events that had been taking place around it had placed a massive target on their backs. The Head of House thrown was, however, fair game.

The challenge was made up two parts, the second of which was to take place at a later stage. Housemates were ushered into the arena for the first stage.

One at a time, each pair had to step onto Big Brothers mat. At the sound of the buzzer one member of the pair stepped forward and rolled the ball onto the adhesive beam, attempting to get it to the furthest point. 

The further the ball on the beam, the more the points. The second member did the same. Their points were added together to sum up their score as a couple.

Pumba shot for the highest score of 50 on his first turn putting him and Kay in the lead for the running. Kay dropped the ball and scored zero. 

Behind them were Bongi & Khali and Ace & Ntombi who both had to play head-to-head against one another because they of their tie scores. Bongi and Khali came out on top.

This meant that Pumba & Kay and Bongi & Khali were in the running for the Head of House title in the next and final round later on.

Who was going to be?
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