April 05, 2015

Week 2 Nominated Housemates Prepare For Tonight's Evictions

As housemates awoke, thoughts quickly turned to last night’s drama and tonight’s grand eviction show.  Bad luck was looming around the corner for unfortunate pairs.
We saw Khali and Bongi looking the most nervous about tonight’s eviction. Despite revealing a fiery side early this morning, Matthias remained quiet and subdued as the morning unfolded and not just as a result of his nomination.

He told housemates that he will leave enough food for housemates in case his evicted and Sibu told him that he should not give up the fight just yet.  

It also emerged on the pair that the public could actually be voting for people who will the most drama rather than who they actually like.  So far, the house hasn’t been lacking with drama and housemates had been showing their different sides.

The pairs will face the public vote on tonight’s live eviction show but who do you want to see leave the house?

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