April 19, 2015

Are We About To See A Threesome Of Soxx, Tembi And K2?

During the early hours of this morning, an intoxicated K2 and Tembi had a heart to heart with Tembi wanting reassurances that K2 was not playing her.  

Meanwhile Soxx had a bit too much to drink during the Saturday night party and said that he blacked out.

The lad revealed that he appreciated Tembi telling him first thing in the morning that he had not "thrown his name away" as he had feared.

And now he must have know that something was up and that her attentions were divided between him and K2 as he was very attentive to Tembi this morning with her telling him to "cool down on the footsie footsie."

A bit later he tried to gather her in for a kiss, turning on the romance a bit too much for Tembi whose body language was extremely telling as she tried to squirm her way out of his embrace. 

And indeed Soxx as making the classic mistake of smothering Tembi and she was not taking too kindly to it.

Therefore if Soxx wanted to win his woman he would have to cool down the attention and give her her space. It was either that or he would drive her into the waiting arms of K2. Keep an eye on this developing love triangle, how will it affect Soxx, Tembi and K2's game? 

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