April 05, 2015

Tiffini Says She Had Fallen For Ex And She misses Him A Lot

Ex might have been outspoken, egotistical and downright harsh to his partner Lebo, but he certainly left his mark on one Tiffini.

A week had gone by since the pair made off with a nifty wad of doe but someone was missing him, perhaps even way too much for her own good.

Keen to stir, Sibu and K2 had interrogated her yesterday about the love triangle between her, Bexx and Ex. He had told her that if he ever found a good, steady girlfriend in the house he wouldn’t mind putting a ring on it. He would take care of her and make her his queen.

This clearly charmed the pants off Tiffini who seemed most affected by his departure.

But Sibu and K2 were simply not having it as they forced in a corner, highlighting the fact that he had openly announced his feeling for her and Bexx and informed them he didn’t want to choose between them, he wanted them both.

Tiffini was too enamoured by the smooth-operator explaining that the kiss they shared would always stay on her mind. She even said he was first guy that she’d fallen for in a long time.

This evening she blurted out that she missed Ex.

But what about poor Pumba? 

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