April 08, 2015

Tiffini Answers The Red Phone To Get The Housemates More Food

Lady luck shone her light on Tiffini. Just moments after leaving her Diary Room session with Gino, she was lucky enough to be the first person to pick up the mysterious Red Telephone.

To her delight Biggie congratulated her on her quick reflexes because by answering the telephone she’d just won the entire house a meal voucher! In true Biggie style, he gave her just moments to decide between spare ribs, pizza or bunny chows for the housemates and she quickly chose spare ribs.

After placing the phone down Tiffini couldn’t contain her excitement and she quickly ran outside to inform the other housemates who all leapt up in celebration. 

Unbeknown to everyone, Soxx was actually the closest to the phone the whole time as he was sleeping just a mere metre away but perhaps the stress of being dumped by Tembi and being up for eviction was too much for him to bother getting up.

The meal voucher is a much needed olive branch for Chelsea and Mbali as the housemates still haven’t completely forgiven them for forcing them into the liquid diet.

For now, bon appetite!

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